Making less per sale now after Support Policy change. Bug?

I’m concerned that there is a bug in the new Support Policy change that is making me earn less.

Consider this sale for a $49 theme:


I earn $39.20 - $4.90 = $34.30

Now look at the breakdown after a sale now:


The numbers in green add up to $39.20. But I’m literally earning $24.50 - $3.06 = $21.44

I should be earning 70% on each sale, but now it’s just 43%. What’s going on? Is this a bug, or are authors getting screwed?

You are literally earning $39.20.

24.50 + 14.70 = $39.20

24.50 + 14.70 = $39.20

$39.20 - (3.06 + 1.84) = $34.30

Exactly the same as before :wink:

You earn same as before unless the customer requests a support refund, then you earn less.

I don’t understand… so why am I making just $21.44 per sale? For 3 sales, I’m making a total of just $64,32, when I should make $102.90.

I’m totally not getting the $14.70 bit per sale (minus fees), correct?

Same problem for me… have you post the support ticket on the envato. Let me know what they have to say about your issue.

I have post mine hour ago.


You are earning the same. You need to sum the item price and included support. When you sum it up and minus fees, you get the same amount as before…

It’s confusing because before, in this case, the item itself (design+coding) was $39.20, but after included support, the item itself (design+coding, not considering support) is $24.50.

Always better to keep an eye on major threads :wink:

Yes it is confusing, but the “bottom line” is that I’m making a lot less per sale!

I just made a sale for another theme with a selling price of $59. After 70% commission, I “used” to make $41.30. But now it’s only $25.81. The customer is still paying the full $59, so why am I getting less?

Now I’m wondering if this has been happening to me for many weeks but I never realized. I wish the Envato support would get back to me on this as it’s very frustrating.

Yes, when I add up item price and included support, that adds up to be correct. BUT what I’m making is the item price without included support minus $3.06 fees. That is $21.44. I’m not making ANY of the included support of $14.70.

The bottom line is now I’m making far less than the regular 70%. I’m not a wizard at math, but this just doesn’t add up!

Note: The line items in both images don’t make any sense to begin with, since the item price for my best selling theme is $49, not $39.20. And Author fee should be the 30% cut, right, but it’s different. That makes it more confusing… but again the bottom line is this week each sale makes a lot less. :frowning:

@pixelacehq, yep, will do.

I’m bumping this thread since the issue is not resolved, and I think most here are not fully understanding the problem. Here is the statement again, with some annotations:

I am literally only making $21.44 on a $49.00 theme sale. Before Sept 1, I was making the full $34.30.

It’s pretty clear now, that I’m not making the $14.70 - $1.84 bit when I should be.

I noticed this after the first sale of the week. I was shocked to see only $21.44 earnings after a sale!

@createdbypete, you’re one of the developers for this. What’s your thoughts now? Can you explain why, without any support refund, that I’m only getting the $21.44 portion of the statement? I know you must think there is no bug since nobody else is reporting a problem. But this is happening to me specifically. Is there any way to force my earnings to be correct? Please? :slight_smile:

“In your statement, the Item Purchase amount will be represented in two separate entries: the License Purchase and Support Purchase.”

The sale makes you the same money, all they’ve done is split that amount into two separate lines in your statement. This is just a technicality, that’s all.

From your screenshot above:

Your earnings from the sale: $24.50 + $14.70 = $39.20

Fees deducted from the sale: $3.06 + $1.84 = $4.90

$39.20 - $4.90 = $34.30

Your statement used to show the sale in one line at $39.20 which obviously came with free bundled support, but now that we’ve got this new support model they’ve decided to show the sale in two lines, saying that $14.70 worth of the sale is the free 6 months support.

You’re focusing too much on the line that shows $24.50 for the item, you’re not adding the other $14.70 which is the same $14.70 you were making before, it’s just on a separate line for the sake of the new support model.

You’re saying you’re getting $24.50 minus £3.06, but you’re not adding on the $14.70 minus $3.06 which all together gives you your $34.30.

Hope that’s flipped a switch :stuck_out_tongue:

All is okay now… it turned out that there was a bug in the “This Weeks Stats” section. It did not include money from the included 6 months support. Bug is fixed now: Bug on Dashboard in Weekly Sales Stats

oh men! so many figures, this make me feel i am back to math class , which is not the best memory that i had lol as any guy who studied languages i might add lol