Not getting support money


We desperately need help, as we are still unable to understand the envato payment procedure.
After selling a $14 item we are getting

  1. $7.50 (Regular License)
  2. $4.50 (6 months included support)

But We are only getting $7.50 in our account.
Can anyone explain how this calculation is taking place ?

Any help would be highly appreciated.


The category you sell in (JavaScript) has a fixed buyer fee of $2, which is subtracted from the $14 as explained when you initially chose the price. So for each sale, of the $14 total, you are earning $12. This is correct per your statement as $7.50 + $4.50 is $12.00.

But then you have to pay the author fee, which based on your earnings is currently 37.50%. If you look at your statement, you see that Envato is charging these fees at the correct rate:

  • $7.50 Ă— 37.50% = $2.81
  • $4.50 Ă— 37.50% = $1.69

With all fees considered, you’re earning $7.50 per regular license sale. Once you reach the next author fee bracket (by selling a total of $3,750+), you’ll earn $7.65 per sale, and so on.


Thank you so much for this detailed clarification. We really appreciate it.

As you mentioned that " So for each sale, of the $14 total, you are earning $12". But We are not getting that $4.50 in my account for payout. We are only getting $7.50. That was our confusion… please can you put some light on it and help us to understand when or how will we get the $4.50 support money

You’re not only getting $7.50. You’re receiving the full $12.00. But the fees add up to $4.50 as well, so after paying the fees you only get a profit of $7.50 per sale.

$12.00 - $4.50 = $7.50

If you didn’t pay the Author Fee, you would be earning the full $12.00 per sale. But remember, Envato takes a cut from your earnings.

You can see all of this in your statement. The two negative red amounts are fees. The two positive green amounts are earnings. You earned both the $7.50 and $4.50, and then paid $4.50 in fees.


Open a calculator and add all of the 4 numbers above together:

$7.50 + $4.50 + (-$2.81) + (-$1.69) = $7.50, so your earnings are correct.

Thank you so much for clearing our doubts :slight_smile:

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