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Well, this probably isn’t a question for this forum, but still, i would need o bit of advise about the payment that a author gets when making a sale of a product.
So it’s like this… I have a product that costs $10. I’m getting $3.75 for the Regular License, and that’s it. The $2.25 for the 6 months included support also appear as being a payed amount, but that value is not being counted. Why is that? Could someone explain me why is that?

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Do you see any US Tax holding info at the statement page?

Hi @ki-themes.
No, there isn’t any.
I got that on an older sale, but on these new ones no tax holding was prompted… I don’t understand why is that. I’ve updated the tax for my country and set my VAT, and i’m still reiciving only that i mentioned above… strange :\

$3.75 + $2.25 = $6.00 is this not the amount you’re receiving total?

Hi @thenextsoft. No only $3.75. It says that the 2.25 are also earnings, but only the $3.75 is being added to my envato account… :\

Let me do a breakdown for you.

  1. You sold a license for your PHP script at a price of $10.00. = $10.00
  2. There is a fixed buyer fee of $4.00 for PHP scripts category. = $6.00
  3. Exclusive author fee for selling less than $3,750 is 37.5%. (6 * 0.625) = $3.75

So your final earnings will be $3.75.
It used to be “you get 50% of the sale and get more as you sell more”. But now they introduced fixed buyer fees so cheaper items make far less than 50%.

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Thanks for the explanation @thenextsoft
So, i need to make a price raize in total, to at least $7.00, so that i don’t lose money?

You have two ways to see how much you can earn.

  1. To enter a sale price and see how much you’ll earn, go to the Edit page on your item, find the price option, and click “How much of this will I earn?” - a modal comes up where you enter the actual purchase price of the item and it shows your earnings.
  2. To enter your desired earnings per sale and calculate an item price needed to earn that much, then you can use this script I wrote:

Based on the calculator in #2, once you sell your item for $20 or more total ($16 discluding buyer fee) then you are getting 50.0% or more.

Thanks for the explanation @thenextsoft!
Also nice work with the fiddle work :slight_smile:
It really is a nice tool :slight_smile:

Best regards! :smiley:

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