Bug on Dashboard in Weekly Sales Stats


Is it just me or everyone else?
Hi there! I just found a bug on Dashboard page in Weekly Sales stats. Check this image from one of my account on earnings page:

And here is the image from dashboard:

Earning page is showing i sold 38 items and earned 788.28 USD in 6 days only. But my dashboard stats are telling me that i sold 42 items (including Monday 31st August) but my sales are lowered than on my earnings page.

Perhaps envato’s developers has ignored this and didn’t checked it and due to support price, as the new item price is lesser now, so this stat of homepage is wrong.

Hope to get this fixed asap!

Guys let me know if i am the only one.
@scottwills @andrewfreeman @KingDog


i am confused today... Turn off or ON for six month support?
"This week's stats" shows in my dash board wrong total amount

Is it a bug? I thought the earnings page shows for the current month, while the dashboard block shows for the current week (which includes one day from last month - Monday 31st August).

Edit - Now that I think about it, the earnings page amount should be lower then the Dashboard block…
And mine is doing the same as yours.


I reported this a few days ago as well. Dashboard displaying wrong data

It seems that the earnings from the 6 months included support are not added. (0.21 * item price)


Yes, its a bug


Yes, seems so. Or if anything else envato can clear this up to us.


Everything is fine in my Dashboard and Earnings page.


I created a ticket. When ill hear from envato, i will update here.


Hi @theemon,

Thanks for reporting this - I’ll take a look and come back to you.


Hello @andrewfreeman @natman No response on this as well as the issue still remain the same.
Hope you fix this asap. This is something misleading information, also these stats are for boost the motivation. That bugs is making me feel low sales everytime.

Please fix this asap. this must be an easy fix for the development team.


Yes, having the same issue.


They just fixed this :smile:
Please check and confirm if anyone still facing the issue?


Nope, it does not display the correct stats


Let me double sure then. calculating once again

Making less per sale now after Support Policy change. Bug?

Yes it is fixed now for me. Check here:

Its 339.69 USD

And check the dashboard stats below:

Both of these are matching now for me :smile:


Yep mine is fine


Hi All,

Trust you to figure it out before I can respond :wink:

The bug was resolved this afternoon. Please check it out and let us know if you’re still seeing anything that doesn’t add up.


CC: @theemon


Everything seems running perfectly fine now. Thanks guys!