Confused on TF payments..

Hi Guys,

It’s been a while since ive been here and i see that envato has made some quite substantial amount of payment changes.

As an elite author it used to be 70% of the price of the template, so a $59 item the author would get $41.30.

If someone would be kind enough to explain to me what the additional charges are and how i would work them out that would be great. What would be the final amount i would take home?


Although you may have got 70% of the total price, it’s not been calculated that way for a couple of years. Since 2014, you’ve had 12.5% taken from the item price to give you your total earnings. That’s still the same.

However, the way the buyers fee works has changed, so whereas before it was 20% of the list price… it’s now a fixed fee based on the category of the item. If you go into your item and then the edit section… under item description, you’ll see the fixed buyers fee amount. You can then adjust the price if you think it’s necessary.

That’s for author driven pricing categories… not all items have that, but most TF, CC and GR stuff does. There’s also potential tax implications which could alter what you get in your account, but that’s another barrel of fish.

Ok Thanks!

So let me see if I’ve got this right…

With a $12 buyer fee the price of the item is $59 and therefore the final price on my end is $47. (if that makes sense…)

So i assume the 70% commission is taken out of $47?

70% of $47 = $32.90

Being a NZ resident I get taxed 10% so…

10% of $47 = $4.70

$32.90 - $4.70 = $28.20

I’m not sure if I’ve done this correctly but i think my take home pay including taxes is $28.20 per sale…?

Forget the 70%, that doesn’t exist. You have 12.5% subtracted from the item price. And you’re right, if the buyers fee is $12 then the item price is $47.

So 12.5% of $47 is $5.88… take that from the $47 and you’re left with $41.12. That’s what you’ve made for the sale, if we ignore taxes, or 69.69% of the list price. A $1 increase in your item fee will put it back to 70%… more than $1 means you’ll get more than 70%.

Then you’ve got the tax, that’s also calculated on the item price, so 10% of $47 would be $4.70 and if you take that from your $41.12 then you’re left with $36.42 give or take a cent.

On your statement you’ll see green numbers, red numbers and orange numbers. The green numbers are always the item prices. The red numbers are all authors fees, and the orange numbers are all taxes. So in your case, if you’re paying 10% tax then the orange number should always be 10% of the green number, and the red numbers should always be 12.5% of the green numbers as well.

Ok, sweet. I get it now lol. Thanks :slight_smile:

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