Pricing Changes for Fonts, Add-ons and Presentation Templates

It’s been five months since we launched author-driven pricing for the Fonts category and two since we expanded it to Add-ons and Presentation Templates. Over time, more and more authors have started to experiment with pricing, making slight adjustments up and down and, most excitingly, achieving better results overall. This is a great sign and suggests author-driven pricing was the right move for these particular categories.

Now that the pilot is completed and author-driven pricing is here to stay for these categories, we’re announcing some important changes so the system is more stable and suitable for the long term. These will be rolled out in the next week or so and we’ll update the dashboard and this post when they go live.

Fixed Buyer Fee

On Envato an item's sale price is made up of four parts:
  • List price: the price shown to buyers on the item page (item price plus buyer fee)
  • Buyer fee: the portion of the list price that represents Envato’s fee to the buyer
  • Item price: the price paid to the author for the item license
  • Author fee: the portion of the item price that represents Envato’s fee to the author

Or, in simple terms, list price = buyer fee + item price (including author fee).

Up until now, the buyer fee has been calculated as a percentage of the list price for all categories on Envato Market. This system works well for categories where Envato controls pricing as the buyer fee (for Envato services to the buyer) is effectively determined by Envato and standardized at the category level, but it’s less suited to the author-driven pricing ones.

So, the first change we will be making is to fix the buyer fee for the Fonts, Add-ons and Presentation Templates categories only. The new fixed buyer fees are:

  • $1 for all items in the Add-ons category;
  • $2 for Fonts; and
  • $3 for Presentation Templates.

Authors Control the Item Price

With a fixed buyer fee in place, Add-ons, Fonts and Presentation Templates authors will set the **item price** instead of the list price.

For this release, we’ll be leaving all list prices as is, except for a very small number of items where the sum of the fixed buyer fee plus the item price exceeds the list price the author had previously selected.

In some cases, the new structure may cause a decrease or increase in the item price. If your item price changes and you wish to return it to what it was pre-launch, you will be able to do so on the edit item page.

Details of How to Price Your Items

When the changes go live, Fonts, Add-ons and Presentation Templates authors will be able to enter an item price for their item into the Price text box on the upload page, or on the Update Item page. The price change will take effect immediately. Read more about this in our [help center][1].

IMPORTANT Information About Pricing Discussions

Remember, there are strict laws governing pricing conduct. In particular, it’s strictly prohibited to have an agreement, arrangement or understanding between competing businesses (such as two authors) about what price point to sell at. Think of this as needing to avoid any discussion on the specifics of how you’re pricing your item or what you think item prices should be. How to price your work is a commercial decision you will need to make for yourself. Read more about this in our [help center][2].

We will be monitoring closely this forum thread closely. If you’re an author, please don’t discuss with other authors what prices you’ll be setting on your items (either here, in other forum threads or anywhere else).


Hi! I have a question, the percent of the author fee is applied to the “Your price” or to the “Purchase price”? :heavy_dollar_sign:

The author fee is applied to the item price as a percentage and we won’t be changing this with this release. Does that make sense?

Thanks!!! More or less clear! So, Your Price (Author Benefit + Author Fee) + Buyer Fee = Purchase Price, No?
For example, if I upload an add-on, I have an author fee of 30% and I fill the “Your Price” with $2, the Author Benefit would be $1,4 and the Author Fee $0,6? And the Purchase price $3?

The terminology we use is a little different (i.e., we say “item price” instead of “your price” and “list price” instead of “purchase price”) but otherwise yes, the structure and numbers in the example you’ve used look good to me :smile:

Thansks @natman !!! :wink:

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now we can buy add-ons for 1 USD. I agree that users should set their own price, but a minimum value must be set by the reviewer.

Hi everyone, the fixed buyer fee is now live for the Fonts, Add-ons and Presentation Templates categories. If you notice any pricing-related issues or bugs for an item within one of these categories, please let us know here and we’ll look into it asap. Thanks!

Hi @natman I have tried to change the price of my add-ons, but I have been able only with one (sold since the buyer fee has changed).

Hello @natman I tried to change the price of my presentations but when I saved the item nothing happened

Hello Jetfabrik, I got the same problem, I think the new pricing system is so confusing, Nothing changed except my sale rate is now less than my real rate.

Hello @natman, Here is the first bug, The only thing that changed after applying new price is the extended licence price, but the regular price stayed the same. The problem is that you are still applying author fee only on our price without taking the total price into account which makes our earnings less than our real rate.

Here is what I meant, I just sold one of my templates that I priced for $5, but I got $1.52, before this new policy I got 61% ($3.05) from the total price of my item. I just want to know who is gonna compensate us since we can’t change our prices until now .

Thanks for raising these with us! I’ve let the product manager for this feature know and he’ll be following up with each of you to figure out what’s going on.

Hello @natman,
Thanks for your reply , Actually I can change now the price in both regular and extended inputs. it is working now .
But here is another bug that happens regularly , sometime the price you change doesn’t update correctly when you change it for first time, so you need to input a high price first, then edit the price again and input low price to correct it. Like it doesn’t allow you to add extra $3 to your price input for first time , so you need to add more than $3 to your price, save it, then back again and update the price again .
Thanks a lot

As @natman mentioned, thanks for the feedback so far. As a result of the changes to the Buyer Fee, there are likely to be some changes to the author fees as well, since the Item Price may have changed. This Help Center Article explains a bit more detail about the breakdown of pricing for these Author Priced Categories.

We have been looking into the issue related to updated prices not being saved correctly - it doesn’t affect all items, just items where the increase in price is equal to the new Buyer Fee and this is the first time a price has increased since the changes were deployed (don’t ask! It’s hairy code).

For example if a price is increased by $3 and the buyer fee is $3, then the price does not save correctly when first updated. The workaround of course is to increase it to a higher amount first and then back to the desired price increase of $3.

I’ll update you when the issue is fixed, but apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

This system is not adding anything to the author driven price. Actually the price is still controlled by envato with this new buyer fee policy.

The Price of one of my item on presentation category recently approved having one sale. The item price is $6 & I got $1.95 instead of $3+. Similar on of my item price was $10 and I got $4.5 instead of $5.2. Before your announcement I got $5.2 of sale of Item price $10. I am in loss after change in your price policy.

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Please, explain to me…my price 1 dollar you add to it 3$, but I get profit from $ 1 instead of $ 4? Your found a way to reduce the income of authors, thanks.

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Hi @rasignature and @TIT0, we have had a buyer fee for more than a year now so this breakdown is nothing new. What is new is that the buyer fee is now fixed and you have complete freedom to decided how much income you receive from each sale by setting your item price. If you find you are getting less than before last week’s change, you are welcome to increase your item price to offset the difference.

Good deed, but it does not work for me. When I change the amount and save the form, the change is not saved.