AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


This is amazing, as a new author on AudioJungle I feel psyched up and optimistic about the future after reading this thread! :joy: No sales so far, this is the best job ever, I can feel it!


Every day sales have !


Wow! Thats amazing!


Welcome! You’re late…much too late! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


1 sale today after month of silence, maybe it’s a good sign.


Hi! And welcome to this incredibly optimistic club! :sweat_smile: :wink:

Some facts: Of 19 184 authors, there is around 15 who started selling here relatively recently (2 to 3 years ago) who are now among AudioJungle top sellers (having sold from 125 000$ to 500 000$+ worth of items). It’s a crazy race. :racing_car:

Plus, many things have changed in the last few months (one of the big novelty being a new Envato subscription service (Elements) who probably drain some buyers from the original market. That said, I think it will still be possible for some new authors to rise near the top again and make nice money out of the experiment in the future.

I listened to the two tracks that you have in shop and wow! Your track titled «The Truth» is great! You may still be at zero sales, but judging by the quality of your offerings, you certainly have good chances to change this status at some point in time! Good luck! :checkered_flag: :sunglasses:


Wow, the competition is real! :joy:

Thank you very much! I hope you’re right :wink: Seriously though, that means a lot.


Sales are totally back on!


Quick tip: Try to put a link from your forum icon pointing to your portfolio/profile (some forum members/AudioJungle authors are also video editors/buyers :wink:). Even the smallest details can possibly help around here…




1 sale in 10 days… It’s getting worse and discouraging! And I never stop uploading!
10 new items approved and only one sale.



This quiet week just became a little less quiet, thanks to a production company in Mexico that bought one of my songs. Muchas Gracias! Viva Mexico!


Welcome to hell! (joke :sweat_smile::joy:) I listened to your portfolio, a really good start! I wish you great sales!$$$ :wink: Good luck!


Welcome mate! Yeah I still consider myself a bit of a newbie too. Been around for about 5 or 6 months which isn’t much in this line of work. One thing is starting to become very apparent to me though the past week or so is if you want any type of meaningful income from this, you seriously need to treat it like a real job meaning you need to spend 40+ hours a week on it (ideally 60+ if you want a good shot at a full time wage). It’s actually very hard to do and gets frustrating at times but hey, still beats the hell out of a normal 9 to 5!

Good luck! :slight_smile:




Thanks man! It’s so cold here in Sweden, a little bit of hell wouldn’t hurt! :wink:


Thanks mate! And I guess you’re right, endless amount of work is probably the only way to make a living here. It suits me perfect as a part time job to combine my freelance as a musician. Let’s see if it works out. No sales yet though (to stay on topic). Thanks again!


Sales are slowly coming back, need to make some uplifting upbeat inspiring corporate motivational tracks now


After days of total silence, a little bit of tailwind