AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


I see, well hopefully Envato will do some customer research on this, they definitely should be interested in knowing if they are overfeeding the music licensing market in their Elements offering.


Not bad start of the week.



+1 Not bad for me but depressing LOL!

Happy you are doing great Manrique!


Once again, this is the calm before the storm.
Good Luck Everyone!


Sales pipe has been cleared and stuff has started to come through again.


Uuuu not dead at all :pray::ok_hand::stuck_out_tongue::sunglasses:


I have nothing more to say…




No sales for me in February, so far. But I’m not worried. I’ve seen worse. Much, much worse.


For my February has not started either, with 238 items in my portfolio …
On the other hand, last month was the best of the year.
May the force be with us, friend!


Sales is Dead ? :confused:


Stonedead :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:
Years of work. And for what ? So I can affort a package of toilet paper every 2 months ? Very worthwhile


bad start for me, last sale was on the last day of January :smiley:


Lucky dude! Keep it up! :+1:


Well, now, yes, my February has already started!



The eerie silence has ended. Let’s celebrate the first spring rain! Sales are coming back.



No one sale so far but my daw is going to be my only one weapon of choice against this war :sunglasses:


:sweat_smile::sob: feel the same as you)