AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


My first February sale has arrived and it was a Mass Reproduction License, which makes this single sale all the sweeter. Hope is alive again !


Nice track, this guy is really awesome :joy:


He’s great, but not as great as the king of corporate guitar


Malmsteen, Vai and Jeff Beck in one person :guitar::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::grin:


10 Synthies for this track? …damn lol…and his performance is absolutely …erm…strange.
Anyway :slight_smile:


Maybe I’m wrong… But it seems to me that Envato makes changes in the search engine every last day of every month. And it immediately reflects on a sales of all authors. One of them has a good sales, but another one has a bad sales (after changes in the search engine). And every month we have some kind of swing “back and forth” for every authors. I’m repeat of my self, maybe I’m wrong and it is just a conspirological version)

This month started very slow for me. But decline of overall sales is not so tense fact for me because it always may happen with everyone here. But the most tense thing for me is a very small sales on every tracks which I made last two-three months. Why tense? Because I make my new tracks better and better but almost all of them are unclaimed. And this fact is really very strong demotivating.


Welcome to the rollercoaster club :wink:

Even Cyprus is in front of US…pah…I guess they buy now from elements mostly


The USA is in second last place on my earnings tab. that is just weird!
Russia and Japan in the lead because of some bigger licenses… let’s see how this pans out in the end of the month.


I highly doubt that, to see whats happening overall I think its better to look at the popular files list + top new files of the last day + featured tracks. To me they all seem pretty weak lately, at least compared to what I remember last year.

Thinking of all the traffic that have been brought by affiliate authors to the market, I think many of them might be focusing on driving traffic directly to Elements, since they get well paid for that. If they drive traffic directly to the market, they don’t even know if they will be paid (they dont get paid if the customer decides to run with Elements instead).


I can confirm this. I saw affiliate channels that generate millions of views every month and websites who promote Envato switch to Elements links, or at least prioritize it over audiojungle.


I’m also saw it on another royalty free market. And it was so strange to see it. Because why a competitor of Envato make advert for Envato?.. But I know/understand nothing in a business strategies)


Are you sure that wasn’t just Google Ads placed on that website? I highly doubt a competitor market would do that. But since you browse through AudioJungle, Google Ads probably show you their ads on all websites who have Google Ads enabled.


Yes, I think you are right! Most likely it was a Google advert. I know/understand nothing in a web advert too))


So if you want to protect the customer traffic not just at the markets, but also to the markets, you should definitely consider writing +1 to show support in these two important topics:


Absolutely dead.


2 days of dead silence. I really hope that in my “region of tracks” a sales storm will arrive soon!


first sale after 8 days :open_mouth:


It sure will!




Envato is the best market on the Internet. Here are excellent (responsive) workers. I always wonder how easily and quickly you cope with different tasks. And most importantly, people have the opportunity to realize their creative ideas. Thank for this. :nerd_face: I wish you all good sales and creative inspiration //// :notes: