Audio, video and template previews freeze


No, the problem still exists - especially for the browser Chrome. On Firefox it’s a little bit better but after some time, I have the same problem.

I checked adblock, changed browsers, deleted my cookies - the problem still exists.

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Still the same, can not use envato at all. Try harder pls.

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Damn, shame on you, cant use your stock. I will definetely search for the other service. You should give the money back, as it is unuseable at all.


Still the same problem in audiojungle. In elements it is much better.

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In fact in audiojungle it stucks on the 1st track you are trying to listen. Same thing in videohive.
I have no problem downloading the preview file

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Since a few weeks, I have the problem, that the preview doesn’t work.

When searching for a track or stockvideos or videotemplates. the preview loads only the first few seconds and then stopps. and nothing else loads anymore.

Previously it worked with an workaround when clicking on Track and play it from the “purchase-site”.

I tried several things.
Different PCs, Different WiFi, Different Browsers, even on iPhone.
The Music loads the first few seconds.
and the video doesn’t even load.

the download of the complete (purchased/licensed) footage works fine.
So whats the problem? its really annoying

I can’t use Envato like this. I’m angry, for extending my subscription,… cause in this way, its impossible to use.

Tried again with the new link pinned in this Topic. same problem.

Where can I get my money back, for the one-year subscription which was extended 3 weeks ago???
Thank You

Hello! The problem persists! Buffering 2 seconds. Russia, 500Mbps.
Chrome browser without extensions!

i used to see 3 previews before it got stuck… now i can’t see any preview anymore… we are tgoing for the third month without previews… totally unworkable, i feel ripped of… u guys should at least reimburse us for the lost time…

PLEASE fix this issue, it makes the site unusable.
Same here with whatever PC webbrowser, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, with and without cache adblock etc etc…
You have to download in excess to see the preview in the zip when available, it slows down the time to work to, it’s a disaster for weeks already.
As a customer, i except better service. Fix or please extend for free our subscription
Thank you

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ok yesterday i was able to work normally, it worked for about an hour, i tought you guys fixed it… but today, again back to square one !.. no previews possible… sigh

Preview doesn’t work.

En respuesta a hanpei. NO. No está solucionado. Es un problema. He pagado premium y es muy molesto

Just keeping this alive. I emailed tech support two months ago, got a nice response with a list of things on my end to check, but none of that fixed anything. Chrome browser, everything else streams pronto. Envato elements vid previews choke after two or three preview loads.

Pro tip - let your users know you are working on a fix, keep us updated, send out a community email, etc. Radio silence is the non-starter.

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Thanks @emeraldsoul!

I can confirm that the team is working on this, however I do completely agree that the lack of official communication here has been staggering, so I’ve been trying to fill the gap.

My own investigation into this issue concluded that it was due to “buffering ahead” – i.e. when you pause the media players, they continue downloading in the background for a short time. I then forwarded this information to the team.

Right now, they are using native audio/video players from your browser to handle this playback. These elements work on a wide range of devices and perform well, but unfortunately they give developers absolutely zero control over how they buffer.

The typical (and simple) fix for this is to delete the player elements when you pause playback. However this won’t work in Envato’s case because deleting the elements will break the ability to resume playback where you left off.

If my conclusion is correct (and I’m fairly confident it is) then they will either need to fix the bandwidth/rate limiting issue at Amazon CloudFront where the files are hosted (might not be possible), or redevelop their audio players from scratch (will be exceptionally difficult and time consuming).

Edit: To add to my last sentence, they could also potentially sacrifice the ability to “unpause” playback to immediately fix the issue, but this would have a UX impact and I know they’re very careful about that stuff.


many many thanks @baileyherbert for the communication. It is great to hear something, and it sounds like the problem is intractable as is, which would explain the last four months of preview playback issues.

FWIW, as an end user, I would be estatic to give up the ability to “resume playback where I left off” in order to get “previews that reliably load in the first place.” I’d call that one a huge no-brainer, for whomever up the chain might care to know . . .

Again, many thanks, I love the Envato site and concept and will watch this space for more details. Thanks so much again for the info!

Sort of a workaround, meeting the problem on its own terms: Well, once you hover over any thumbnail, you are committed to watching the preview of that thumbnail in its entirety. Yes, it could be 2:30 or whatever.

Only then can you move on to another preview. It will load fine, you just have to play the whole preview in its entirety before moving on to the next preview.

This obviously slows up your browsing a ton, but you won’t have to reload the page every other preview.

This is not a solution to the problem!

There was another solution suggested in a previous thread. Browsing with an Incognito Tab in Chrome might solve the problem with the previews.