Video / Audio Previews not working

Audio / Video previews have always been a bit jittery and slow, but they are not working at all for me now. It renders my subscription to Elements entirely redundant. If it’s not sorted out within 7 days I’ll have no option but to cancel. Seems Envato need more bandwidth or a fix to their players. This was identified as an issue in 2021, but still doesn’t appear to have been properly fixed. Very frustrating.

Audio and video previews are working perfectly over here. Please open a ticket at Envato Elements Help and Support if the issue is still ongoing for you.

You’re correct that there have been scattered reports of playback issues since 2021. However, the original issue was due to a flaw in how the players buffered their content and has since been fixed.

The issue you’re seeing now is new and not as widespread. Staff are unable to reproduce so your ticket will be appreciated.