Music Preview doesn't work on Envato Elements

Hi guys! Was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem - music preview doesn’t work on Envato Elements for the last couple of weeks. I can still download, but what’s the point - the ease of searching the right piece online before downloading was so convenient. Maybe it’s the browser or recent apple updates??? thanks for any hints!

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I am having intermittent issues previewing music. Sometimes the play button fails to load, sometimes the play button loads but the music stops a fraction of the way into the track, and even attempting to download the preview is failing.

Having just recently signed up for this service, and paid a year up front for it, I’m extremely disappointed.

Alright, now I’m really mad.

I tried to view it in an incognito window, and it worked, so I took the HUGE step of wiping out my browser history, and it still didn’t work.

So I closed my incognito window, and opened it back up, and it didn’t work there either.

I’m regretting paying for a whole year of this up front, if I can’t get it to work for one day.

Hi @surrealpolitiks. I haven’t been able to replicate this issue (trying on two computers, via Firefox/Safari/Chrome).

If you open a Support Ticket via Envato Elements Help and Support, our support team should be able to help you to troubleshoot this one.

I’m just going to note that this problem persists, months later. I’ve seen other users complaining about it too. Somebody should really fix it. This is causing me to download music I have no intention of ever using just because I can’t preview it any other way.

I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of my Elements subscription, so I’m not so bent out of shape about the purchase price anymore, but this is really silly and it’s persistent enough that the developers should just attend to it and not put me through the troubleshooting process.

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Hello, I have the same issue. I can’t preview the music at all. I disable all the antivirus extensions and I stil can’t preview the music. I don’t even get the play button to show. Just a gray circle.

Chrome Version 114.0.5735.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)



Any updates about the fix for this problem?

same issue here. tried edget/incognito/chrome same thing. need solution to this ASAP.

Same issue, been using envato for over a year now but this issue has been persistent for months. Different computers, different browsers and it’s always the same. I may be able to play tracks for a few minutes at first if I am lucky but once I download a track the players crash and don’t reload for hours sometimes a full 24hrs. Needing tracks immediately for a quick turnaround project and can’t get anything to play.

I dont know how much longer I am going to continue to pay for a service that is broken.

I’m experiencing the same. Can someone dein Envato please give us an update on this?

Same I’ve got the same problem.
I’m using Mac Studio, Safari, latest OSX.

same issue here, from months now, tried every single browser on earth
very anoying

Looks like Envato doesn’t give a single F about that since months… R.I.P Envato …

Same problem, a few previews will play, then won’t, then just the grey circles. Basically pretty usless for music.

Having the same issue. This renders the site useless. I’m going to have to subscribe to a different company.

can you fix this?

Chromium 116.0.5845.141

Same here, created a subscription today for a whole year and cannot even listen to 1 song preview. Not working in incognito or other browsers (FF, Chrome) either.

fix the audio preview on chrome, it doesn’t work

Hi there. I managed to fix this. It was a Chrome Extension - Sound Equalizer.
When I disabled this, the sound came back in preview.