Envato Elements - Music Playback super slow!

Hi guys, my internet speeds is stable 260 Mb/s and envato music preview is loading forever sometimes. Any suggestion?


Any update from Envato on this?

Same for me, it sucks

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Same here, it’s really frustrating. It prevents us from using the service properly (something we pay for). I wonder if this being addressed at all?

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Hi @vmgireland Im having the same problem. Even the download the preview is super slow However my internet speed is stable.

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Same here. Super slow. Videos from other sites (cough cough) load fast. Not my internet. What’s the deal Envato?

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yes me too for the last two yrs already its been constantly slow for me and my colleagues.

At this point you wonder if they’re doing it on purpose so users cannot DL as much.

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@steve_lam, could you look into this?

Thanks, I’ll pass the feedback onto the team!

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Thanks, Can you let us know when these problems are fixed?

Hi people.

Me too. I have a fiber stable connection of 1 Gpbs and preview are horrible…

Team pls review the platform.


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