Envato previews are horrendous slow to load


i got the marketplace subscription and it’s a incredible pain to load any kind of preview.
I can’t skip through audiotracks. After 3 or more previews are loaded the next song stops after a few seconds and have to load for up to 20 seconds. While searching for videotemplates the site and previews are not existent. I have to wait for more than 5 minutes - if it even loads.

By downloading a template with ~1gb i have to wait up to 9 hours… And yes, I already checked my connectionspeed. All fine.

I have to say, when it comes to music i prefer other sites because of the speed and usability. And i dont know if i renew my subscription. This is just ridiculous.


I’m facing the same issue.

Have you fixed it?

No, nothing. Tried it in my Homeoffice and i have the same issues.
Looks like no one from envato is interrested in fixing this kind of problem.