Music / Audio Playback

I am trying to preview music but the playback is on a loading loop and never plays.
It happens most of the time. Sometimes the music will play fine and sometimes some music will play but most others won’t.
I would have to download the music just to preview it and that’s few extra clicks and window switching I would not like to do.

Is anyone else having this problem?

I tried this with Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. All updated as of Sept 5, 2020.

Hi @JpnFfantasy. I haven’t seen any other reports of this - I’ve just tested in Firefox and Chrome (on OSX), and was able to play Elements music and sound effects tracks without any issues.

Does it affect specific tracks? Could you give an example link for a track that isn’t playing the previews in your browser?

This happens intermittently.

I know it’s not my internet. I open another tab, load up a youtube or netflix video and it works fine.
Some days, it will work without problems.

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This issue is now being tracked at the following link, please post there instead: