Music Preview Problem

It always crashes when trying to listen to music. Sometimes it doesn’t start at all. I tried Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Microsoft Edge browsers and the problem is the same. As in the picture, the music stops halfway or does not start at all. I’m waiting for your help.

same issue here, need solution / fix for this ASAP.

Same problem here, this makes the service become useless. I have to download every music to listen 5 seconds and discover that it’s not what i need?

Envato’s conflict with Kaspersky’s antivirus program is causing this issue. The two affect each other and there is a problem. There was no such problem in the past. The problem may be caused by an update.

I have this problem too and it’s super frustrating.I only have a limited number of times to listen to tracks and then it just greys out and hangs. I have tried logging out and back in again waited severel days and it’s still greyed out. But then other times music is available when I log in. Music is the most used element on here for me, I can’t even access my musice in my Collections. My subscription is coming up for renewal bu Im seroiusly wondering if it is worth it.

It’s easier to find the track on Envato Market, no such problems listening there.