Audio, video and template previews freeze

Same, its ridiculous. I will attempt to preview a song, it plays for a few seconds, I forget about it, then minutes later it will start to play again, pathetic really.

Buenas tardes,
No se puede previsualizar ningún vídeo, ni audio, ni plantilla… Así es imposible trabajar ¿Cuándo se va a solucionar este problema?

Hi @DenonStudio!

I’ve also been able to reproduce playback buffering issues from my end, although not as extreme as some reported here. I spun up a Windows Sandbox to test – a completely clean install with nothing on it.

After monitoring devtools, it seems that the issue for me is a buildup of concurrent connections. As I scroll through a page and start playing the various audio tracks, playback will automatically pause for previous tracks, right? But it seems that the old preview file downloads aren’t being cancelled.

The result is a buildup of concurrent Cloudfront connections which eventually throttles future playback until I refresh the page or let those downloads finish in the background. For the SPA that is Elements, I can see this issue becoming quite severe for some people.

Reproduced on Chrome and Edge, both when signed in and signed out.


It is almost impossible to buffer any element on Envato (audio, video, templates). It just stucks and never buffer. It is so annoying and frustrating that our Company is even thinking about canceling the licence on Envato. It started out of sudden like month ago. Its not fault of our internet everything else works fine (Artlist, Shutterstock, etc.) Do something about that.

  • what browser and version do you experience this with?
    I use google Chrome but tried it in Firefox and Edge, both had the same issue.

  • do you experience the same problem irrespective of which browser you use (i.e Safari, FF, Edge, etc)?

  • do you have any type of an adblock extension active on your browser?
    I use AdBlock and Privacy Badger, but both are disabled for the Envato Elements website.

  • what country are you accessing the site from?

One more thing: the playback for videos and templates usually load on page 1, but not on subsequent pages (2,3,4…). Music is worse though, any page can’t load past a certain point.
I discovered that this issue is only on one of the company’s computers. Trying to browse Envato Elements on our MacBook or another Windows laptop we have, both of them work normally

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  • what browser and version do you experience this with? Chrome, firefox and edge

  • do you experience the same problem irrespective of which browser you use (i.e Safari, FF, Edge, etc)? Yes

  • do you have any type of an adblock extension active on your browser? No

  • what country are you accessing the site from? Belgium

Looks like this issue hasn’t been responded to or resolved by Envato support team for close to 20 days now! This is of great inconvenience! Same problem here in India. All previews freeze making the site almost unusable.

@tdfilmstudio I can assure you that the team is working on this. We only made investigatory progress a few days ago, hopefully it will be a quick fix. :slight_smile:

Es frustrante. No cargan los vídeos. Estoy con Chrome, pero me pasa lo mismo con edge. Y no tengo ninguna extensión adblock activa. Accedo desde España. Por favor solucion

I have the same problem. Weeks trying to preview music and after a couple of seconds it no longer supports previewing the next song. Please fix it because I have tried different browsers and sessions with no result. My access is from Spain on Chrome.

FINALLY!!! I FOUND A WORK AROUND SHEESH…don’t think the devs will fix this. I was able to play several preview videos, no problem. This will work for you until the devs fix this issue.


  1. copy the URL for the page you’re previewing.
  2. using chrome, create a new incognito window via the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner.
  3. paste the URL in the incognito web address.
  4. carefully place your cursors on one preview at a time. It seems if you run multiple previews, it buffers.
  5. If endless buffering happens, close the incognito window, open new incognito window, paste URL and try again.

hope this helps you guys.

Thanks christwatchman but the timeloss here makes this site pretty useless for me… i can not believe it takes them so long to fix this… i will be checking back in in a few months… for the time being… back to videohive… grgrgrrmmbbll

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It is very unfortunate that envato support has failed to resolve this issue for several weeks now. This is a premium paid service and the support team should put more effort into it, and listen to and respond to customers’ grievances

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Super slow previews trying to find music.
Cleared cache, tried different browsers - same issue.
We have 300 mbit up and down - can stream 4k video all day - but can’t listen to music previews on this site.

This is a HIGH priority problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

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i can’t help feeling hustled here… for such a big service to have such a lame response time on a problem is just weird… and little to no communication about it…

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Yep! I’m experiencing the same issue since 1 month now and it’s so frustrating for my workflow - I mean it doesn’t work. If they won’t fix it soon - I’m canceling my subscription.

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Hi folks, this is Pei from the Market dev team.

I believe this issue has been fixed on and

Could you try again? thanks

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Hello Pei,

The problem is not with Envato Market but with Envato Elements that we have our subscription. If you could fix it asap - it would be perfect for our work.

Thank you,

So far so good! I’ll keep working with it, but things are not buffering like before.
Thanks for the help.

@stamgero According to Pei, the fix was implemented on both Elements and Market. Can you give it a try and report back if it has improved? :smile: