Audio, video and template previews freeze

Using a VPN (Keepsolid premium chrome extension in my case) worked flawlessly for me, and I can now preview smoothly like old times.

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Which country VPN do you use?

Problem still persists for me :frowning:

1.what browser and version do you experience this with? Google Chrome Version 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)
2. do you experience the same problem irrespective of which browser you use - Yes
3. do you have any type of an adblock extension active on your browser? No
4. what country are you accessing the site from? UK

If you shut down Chrome and revisit the page everything is fine for a few previews and then you’re back to just getting 1 - 2 seconds.

If I try to download the preview the download stalls. However - if I add the track to a project and then download it, it works fine.

Hi folks, this is Fraser from the Envato Elements engineering team.

We apologize for the inconvenience with the preview issues on our sites. We are aware of that this is occurring on both Envato Elements and Envato market (VideoHive and AudioJungle). We have since formed a small team to work on this issue.

What makes this issue tricky to fix is that our developer team is not able to reproduce the issue on our side. Based on the reports in this thread and other tickets from our customer support pipelines, we identified the cause of the issue could be our implementation of media(audio + video) players on our sites. The assumption was that when a user is interacting with media players on our sites, we initialize a new connection for each media the user is trying to play. Each time we create a new connection, the existing connections are still buffering and not closed. For some users, this can hit the limit of active connections a browser is allowed, thus cause media to not play.

We have since shipped a few fixes to our sites to address this issue by resetting the connection when the user is not actively playing media. This has helped reduced the amount of connections and we have seen some positive results with this approach. However we do not have good visibility on how many customers are affected by this. We are also still seeing some customers running into this issue.

While we are still trying to find the root cause of this issue, we noticed that some users are able to find workarounds by connecting to our site through a VPN. There are also a few users are able to preview the medias by turning off their Antivirus software. Please note that we do not recommend turning off your antivirus software at anytime. It is only recommended if you have consulted your antivirus software provider to make sure you are allowing traffic be sent through to Envato products.

PS: if you are one of those who has found a workaround, please let us know!

At this stage, we believe that the issue we are seeing is unlikely to be related to our frontend implementation, but rather network issues between customers’ browser, internet connection(ISPs) and our hosting provider. These type of issues are often hard to fix. Our team has since created this debugging page to gather extra information to help us diagnose the issue.

For those who are keen to help, we would like to ask you to:

  1. open your browser and navigate to Test Audio/Video Previews - Envato Elements
  2. try to play a few audios and videos on this site
  3. copy the debug output and send it to us(there’s no sensitive information gathered on this page)

This actually appears to be fixed for me now. The downloads no longer overlap in the waterfall and playback is responsive. Here are some before and after examples:


Dec 15, 2021


Jan 27, 2022

There were some users in this thread complaining about issues with playback entirely, but it seemed that most cases were playback starting to buffer excessively after playing through a large number of tracks quickly (usually at least 12 for me), so I’m not sure your test page would be able to reproduce it in those cases, but at least for me it does appear fixed! :+1: :+1:

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Thanks guys, it’s working for me now!


It seems like I can only play the first few seconds of each track.

Hi there I’m having the same issues as we had back in November last year with the previews. Audio will load approximately 3 seconds and then fail IF it loads at all, most times it just spins without doing anything. On the test page you posted, I can play the christmas example video without issues but all four audio tracks do not load and in the debug window it just says Track 1 waiting etc.

Another workaround thanks to @realtruck-media

Something I have found as a workaround, and my help address this issue.
If I go to chrome://net-internals/#sockets and click on “Flush Socket Pools”, all of the sudden my stuck audio begins playing.

This may be a fix for users using chrome anyhow.