<ALL Affiliates should read this> - Commissions for subsequent purchases

Hi all,

I am quite disappointed with the way that the Envato affiliate program works - in that it only pays users for a users very first purchase.

This is quite an unfair method to pay affiliates, given the nature of Envato and it’s marketplaces - a huge brand where people will come to the marketplace to buy items over and over again.

However, sending traffic or users who are already existing Envato users is quite simply, a waste of traffic for us as affiliates: once a user has already bought from Envato, it means that any clicks from any other affiliates will never get paid.

I can actually see this very clearly when I compare the conversion ratio of Envato compared to all my other affiliates.

The conversion rate of Envato for my sites this year is a measly 1.47% - I send literally hundreds or thousands of clicks per month, yet my ROI is miserable.

I do believe this is the same story for the rest of affiliates. I strongly encourage Envato to rethink it’s strategy to pay for EVERY purchase.

This is only fair to everybody concerned. We send traffic and purchases, we get paid. Obviously, a lot of work and effort goes into ranking sites and getting traffic, so it is only fair that we also get compensated for our efforts.



They pay out 30%. Some authors get over 70% of the sale price… so 30% on every sale wouldn’t be sustainable, they’d be losing money. They could maybe do a lower percentage for the first year, but many have suggested it without it happening.

I think there is room for some negotiations and improvements…this is too one-sided and just leads me to start pushing other affiliates rather than Envato, ones which convert better, give a better percentage and pay for each sale.

There must be ways to find a better middle-ground which works for everybody involved.


Hello @dattard

you know New Market affiliate program has launched!!

Read this: New Market affiliate program has launched!! 🚀

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Hi @anon76595093

I’ve been on the new one one (in BETA) for quite a while now, the terms don’t change. You can track much better, so you know where the cicks and actions are coming from, but you’re still paid for 1st purchase only.



Referral earning for first purchase only

Refer new users to any of the Envato Market sites and you’ll receive a percentage of their first purchase of Envato Credits or first purchase of an item!

Thanks :slight_smile:

But that’s the point I’m trying to make. I don’t think paying for first purchase only is a fair way to work with affiliates … with the strength of Envato in organic traffic and brand, and with most web designers having already used Envato products, we’re sending a lot of traffic to Envato sites and not getting paid for it.

I can see this very clearly from my conversion ratio.

I understand you are a vendor, correct @anon76595093 so for you paying for first purchase only makes sense - because you’re getting a better cut in the end.

But as affiliates, we have our costs too, and as you can understand we run risks of Google penalties (which nobody can really understand why they happen these days…even for high-quality sites).

From my point of view, if things remain as is, I will start shifting traffic away from Themeforest and Envato.

For me it will work better in the end, because I get better conversions and more revenue.

I’m trying to look for a way to make this fair on everybody, because honestly speaking, I would like to keep working with Envato, just would like to convert better :slight_smile: I mean will all the items on offer, I think people are more likely to convert on Themeforest right?

Well you can’t knock them for doing what they can to bring in their own traffic, rather than having to pay affiliates!

Of course, @SpaceStockFootage nobody is saying that it’s a bad thing of course, infact, that’s also what I’m saying, the brand of the Envato marketplaces is so strong that I’m really happy to push traffic towards.

I’m just pushing for a fair share to the affiliates.

Honestly speaking, as you may know, there are very strong vendors out there who pay 50% and even more of each sale made.

Without wanting to sound like I am threatening (because I’m not), the reality I face is that, when I see my traffic not converting well, my only option is to push towards vendors which pay better.

Absolutely… you have to weigh up the pros and the cons, and if it’s not paying off for you, then it makes sense not to continue. If someone is paying out 50% then they must have a really high profit margin in the first place. For a company that pays out up to 70% or more to providers before they’ve even taken any costs into account… it’s just not feasible. As it is with the 30% payout… they’re not making any profit.

To say everything, I’ve been working quite well with @emile_b from the affiliates team and he’s been very helpful and made plenty of useful suggestions.

So I would like to publicly thank h̶e̶r̶him specifically for that.

Still, my concerns with the above remain.


Emile is a guy… just so you know!

Woops, thanks for pointing that out!


Dattard, Thanks for this info I am currently bringing on lot of traffic to envato I might re-think my strategy and remove some affiliate links, since I don’t consider that fair.