Envato Affiliate Program comission not clear


I am interested on envato affiliate program but, for what I can see on the affiliate page: https://envato.com/market/affiliate-program/ does not give a lot of information about the comissions only says “Earn 30% commission on any first purchase you refer.” But what happens with second purchase I refer, third, fourth and so, on? Can someone please clarify this?


commission only for the first purchase referred by you.

What do you mean? If I refer 50 sales I only get comission for the first purchase what about the other 49?

Can someone please elaborate on how comissions work on envato? Thanks!

I’ve also joined envato affiliate program and want to be clear about it.

It’s clear from the link from the first post:
“When a user clicks your referral link, signs up for a new account and makes a first purchase via any Envato Market site, you’ll receive 30%!

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you will get for the first time purchase from the first time register using your referal link. if the buyer purchased 50 items at the same time of their first purchase then you will get commission from the customer total purchase. but if they purchase only 1 item at first purchase and next time purchase 50 or more items then you will get commission only for the first purchase. so, as many customer you will refer and they will register and will purchase at first time you will get commission from all of them.

So, basically I am only getting a comission as an affiliate for the first purchase, if this customer then makes 1000 purchases I will only get comission for first purchase only. Does not seem to be fair for the affiliate since is only 30% and if a theme is 59$ is like I get 19$ for every new customer I refer.

if envato will give comission for each sale 30% then envato have to pay from their own wallet. have you thought 30% comission + (67.5 -87.5)% author earnings then a total 97.5% to 117.5%,
will be a full of loss project for envato. envato paid comission for getting new customers not for selling each sale.

An author who is not yet elite like me, earns around 37-45%. If you expect 30% commission for every sale, it’s really good for you. But that is bad for me. Wish you could, but don’t overdo it. Something excessive is not good, man!.

but, I expect at least 20% for every other sale because I am selling the theme for this author.

Most theme markets work like that