Why is the affiliate comission of 0% for purchases?

I got notified that the Envato affiliate terms recently got changed. I am not sure what the change was, as I can not see the previous version of the agreement, but this is what I noticed:


As you can see, we only earn 30% if the customer adds credit to his Envato account. So even if we promote our own products, the client clicks our link, creates an Envato account and purchases our product, we would still get 0%?

Am I missing anything?

Also, for credit added, the comission only applies for first deposit, right?

If you get FIRST CLICK your link from the client, then the client deposit. You will earn 30%, if you didn’t get FIRST CLICK, you got nothing. This is new terms for envato affiliates.

Wasn’t it always like this? First-cookie set is the one who receives the commission?

Also, my bigger confusion is about referred customers who purchase the product without depositing, in that case the commission is 0%? This would be really strange, as this is how most referred customers purchase a product if they don’t have an existing account.

We have the same questions too.