i have no affiliate commision

I bought two products from my referral link but I did not get any commission. I will not let you know why I did not find it. I did not buy the product from my own link but I did not get commission…

please noted: Earn 30% commission on any first purchase you refer. so after first purchase you will not be able to get commision for next purchase. In first purchase you can add to cart as many Items you would like and commision 30% for all. For more information you can contact with @emile_b (Envato Market Affiliates Team) or market.affiliates@envato.com

Yes, that was the fast purchase from my referral link but I did not get the commission. I think I did not do the commission impact radius. I can take action to tell me please.

I think best will be if you contact Affiliates Team with your details as like impact id for further information. Contact Information in my first reply. Thanks

brothers envato affiliate team did not get real answer…i think envato affiliate very bad tracking