There is certainly some serious issue with Envato Affiliate Program

I am doing affiliate marketing since 2010. I joined Themeforest in 2013 as a buyer and then also enrolled as an affiliate. Though I had never impactfully promoted Envato but have written many posts on WordPress themes and plugins and included Envato affiliate links to it. I sent thousands of traffic but got only three sales since 2013. But I never took it seriously.

But for last one week, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I promoted dozens of Themeforest and codecanyon item intentionally by featuring my LinkBox ( curated list of BF/CM deals ) on producthunt

There are almost a dozen of Envato affiliate links along with many other deals. With other deals, I made approx. $3000 within 2 days but not a single sale with Envato Affiliate. It’s unbelievable!! All Envato deals were super cool and its impossible that with such a huge traffic nobody purchased a single product.

So, I believe there is some issue with the affiliate program. I click to visit affiliate program and then use custom created links with app. ?ref=username ( sample links look like this - )

I have been using dozens of Envato products and I do see a lot of value in it. So, its impossible for me to believe that no body buys it . Kindly look into this situation and tell me what’s the issue. I am losing thousands of dollars because of this. :frowning:


Hi @themophiles,
Just had a quick look at this link and yes you have featured Items from Envato Market but to be fair I had to scroll down quite far so not surprised your referrals didn’t match up to the other brands you are promoting. I have tested the tracking on all Envato links and the cookie is setting so any referrals should be tracked. There a re 4 hours remaining of Cyber Monday so may I suggest you use the following link somewhere near the top of the page and hopefully you should see good conversion from that. This would be your link -

Feel free to email me directly, I’d be happy to dive deeper in to this with you

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Hi @emile_b,

As I told you that I am doing aff. marketing for last 7 years. So, please don’t even think that I would have missed or didn’t try optimisation processes that you have suggested me above. :slight_smile:

Most cyber Monday deal was over around 16 hours before. I kept changing the links based on order of links based on the traffic I was getting and their results. In fact, I had also used the exact link that you have suggested me above too during black friday, for around 2-3 hours ( here is the link created 5 days ago - ( I have put + mark at the end to help you see stats. It received 90 clicks within 2 hours. )
I tried to use other link shortener and then direct links since it was getting any result. Many envanto links were in first 10 links for the most primary hours. all of my envanto links still received approx 500+ total clicks till it was live on main positions.

If you still need prove, just ask me in private mail and I will share every link details with you ( at Googl shorten links so that you can see the stats by yourself )

Now, please try to help me why it’s happening? I have also mailed to you so, you may respond their as well with any private info that you have.


Oh! I forgot to update this thread. I had a private conversation with Envato support team and they have cleared my doubt.

Though, I am still not sure why the conversion rate is almost negligible but I do understand that according to their affiliate policies, only the new paid signups will be eligible for affiliate commissions.

Thank you.

The problem is that there is only payment on the first purchase of a client, so if somebody has already bought from Envato before, you will not get paid for their conversions.

I suggest you support my pledge that Envato switches to a fairer affiliate policy on this thread: <ALL Affiliates should read this> - Commissions for subsequent purchases