didn't receive commision.

Yesterday my client purchase item from themeforest using my referral url but still i cant received earning. Can you tell me why?

Are you using the linktf.com?ref=your_username if yes, I think this is not working anymore.


Here is Envato market affiliate program

Here is Envato youtube video how can you starting your affiliate marketing

For more information you can contact with (Envato Affiliates Team) affiliate support @emile_b or market.affiliates@envato.com

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No, my link is “https://1.envato.market/xdyYO”, is this correct format?

Maybe he followed your link, then closed the browser. Then he opened the browser and click on the link again

So there isn’t any cookies period for envato’s affiliate link?

registration and purchase should occur during the same session.

Thank you. Just realized now :joy:

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