Agressive Elements Banner

What’s going on with the super aggressive elements banner? only today we had to close the banner almost 20 times!! and this is not only on the homepage, but on ITEM PAGES AND PROFILE PAGES.

It’s really disrespectful with the authors to use their item or profile page to promote something that they may not even be a part of.

Also, this campaign in the markets is bringing another set of problems: the banner isn’t clear that it’s not an offer for envato market.

Check out the amount of angry/annoyed people that are complaining about this (that leads to frustrated customers that after the bad experience, just leave without purchasing anything):

Don’t you think that you need to rethink the Envato Elements advertisement approach? How can authors compete with this kind of aggresive and unfair campaign.

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It’s really disrespectful with the authors to use their item or profile page to promote something that they may not even be a part of.

It’s also disrespectful for customers and hella confusing :confused:

There really are so many angry feedback from customers. It is scary to imagine how many of them annoyed left this place because of this banner and how much we (as authors) lost income.


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Hi! Can any of the mods help us with this? @enabled @charlie4282
It is our understanding that Envato would not advertise on authors’ profile pages, nor on their items, so what’s happening? Can you @ someone from the staff who can give us a response? Because we haven’t had any luck and it’s been more than two weeks since our original post.


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Heya mate!

The best way to get an answer to this is by using the Author Support center. The support team will connect you to exactly the staff who manages this.

Use this link mate: Envato Authors Help and Support

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But we all want to know the answer here instead of each author using support center for the same question.

I have it clear for a subscription they are not going to give you something that is worth double, I directly bought it if it is for your web is an investment, in this case the great flatsome theme, I recommend it.

I’ll leave this here (Incognito Mode):



Thanks! We though of that, but being a market wide issue we decided to post it in the forums so, after Envato’s staff answer, all people will be able to see the response and prevent lots of authors to contact support with this same concern. We’ll re-tag the staff again to see if we have better luck :slight_smile:
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Visited 10 pages, clicked “X” button 7 times. I’ve started hating you, Envato! At least disable sliding animation on page load, it’s extremely annoying.

I asked via email about the banner the staff answer, it seam that they are tryng to find a solution.

We are all sick of this aggressive banner.


Sorry to reopen this thread, but for the first time I’ve seen a pop up window advertising Elements.

Awful, given the fact that each standard license on my page is almost twice the monthly fee.

They have started to be more aggressive now, we see 3-4 Elements banners for the moment, top banner, bottom banner, popup. We really hope that Envato will stop doing that and try to improve ThemeForest and other marketplaces.

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I think all the authors items should include in Envato elements

Today we noticed that Envato Elements banners are appearing again in all pages of Themeforest, even in Checkout.


Yes, and sales dropped as usual.

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So, apparently, you can’t just close the banner now? They removed this possibility.


I also searched and inspected element for 20 minutes. But couldn’t find any close icon :roll_eyes: