Pre-Sales Question about Unlimited Download Sale

It is kind of ridiculous that I cannot find a more convenient way to ask a pre-sales question. There does not seem to be any place specified for this. Considering that the Unlimited Download for $16.50/mo thing does not give any real details, that’s kind of concerning. I’d like more info. Which themes are included? If I cancel, will I continue to get updates? Does this include ThimPress themes?

It depends on the platform and which authors have been invited and opted in, but you can browse all available items at the Elements website (it is separate from the marketplaces) – e.g. for WordPress:

No – you can only download updates while subscribed. Automatic updates are also typically disabled on items downloaded through Elements, so you will need to update manually.

It’s also worth noting that Elements items receive no technical support, so if this is important to you then you should look into getting an individual license from the author.

No – ThimPress is not an author on Envato Elements.

There is a FAQ near the bottom of the Elements pricing page ( as well as the entire Elements Help Center ( in case you would like to check those out.


Im also frustrated!
I want to know if the Phoxy photo theme is included if I buy the Envato Elements monthly subscription?
Also it shows 2 prices: one 14.50 another 16.50 and it says FLASH SALE… But no info… and too many different brand names like Envato Market, Envato Elements etc etc etc.
Too confusion! And apparently no Contact Form for the company behind this website!?

Thank you for the info.

Hello, I found some music on Audio jungle and its 29$, if I subscribe for the flash sale, does that mean I am only paying the flash sale price and NOT the additional 29$ Thank you in advance for your answer

The flash sale banner is an ad for Envato Elements, not AudioJungle items. Currently Elements is discounted from $33 /month to $19 /month.

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I gave “phoxy” a search on the Elements website and it came back with 0 results, so it is not available on Envato Elements:

Hmm not sure where you saw $14.50 but the current pricing for Envato Elements is $198 /year (which is $16.50 /month paid annually) or $19 /month paid monthly (normally $33, so this is the flash sale that it is talking about).


Envato is a company with a large selection of different services (Envato Elements, Envato Market, Envato Studio, TutsPlus, PlaceIt). Each is separate from one another and serves a specific purpose. For your clarity:

  • Envato Market is a series of marketplaces for digital assets, where you pay for each license to use an item in an end product. These come with life time updates and on applicable items a limited period of (renewable) technical support.

  • Envato Elements is a newer subscription service which offers a smaller selection of items under a monthly subscription and simplified license. These do not come with technical support and updates are not available when the subscription ends.

For comparison, Envato Market sells over 9 million items, whereas Elements has around 1 million.

Hi Ditzydame,

First of all: most of the tracks from Audiojungle are not available on Elements so I strongly suggest you check if the track you are looking for is actually in the Element’s catalog.
If it is, you are correct: you only have to pay the subscription price and NOT the additional $29.

Hope it helps!

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