A lot of my music gets rejected! Can someone please give me a feedback why this could be?

Hello everyone! I’ve been trying to upload a lot of music but recently everything got rejected.
When I started to upload music I definietly had worse mixing skills, used worse sound libraries.

I would need some help figuring out what am I doing wrong.
Please help me if you can.
Thank you in advance

Hi. @StudioErmine. I will be straight, and maybe is not exactly the answer you were looking for.

The intervals you wrote are counterintuitive, unpleasant, lack of musicality. The execution is mechanical and lifeless . You lack soul and music . It may be a deliberate choice, a touch of musique concrete and some innovative orchestral IDM, Audiojungle is not quite the place for this genre. Let aside the technical issues, you either are playing these with the mouse, or you are using extreme quantization and linear velocity. The second track lacks dynamic expression and dynamic layering. Everything is a maximum level of velocity. The fx are incredibly loud.Anvils, explosions. These are supposed to help the expression of the track, not to subdue it. It may sound harsh, but the reviewer was right rejecting these tracks. Have a good day.

Thank you for the reply, I wounder why you felt like that. Only the percussion was quantized, everything else i played, so no other instrument was quantized, and definietly wasn’t the same velocity. Also i used modwheel manually to adjust the dynamics, and didn’t even used any compression.
Well it’s very weird you felt like that it was done with a mouse, but thank you I’ll look into the things you said.

@StudioErmine . I did not imply you were playing with your mouse. What i said is - The tracks lacks motion, expresivity, dynamic layering. Things that help it sound alive, authentic. Maybe your piano playing technique is flawless and it sounds too perfect. In this case you should edit this and use your mouse and other controllers in order to achieve expression and movement. But! The main issue with your tracks is still the music. Not necessary the production technique. Please do not stumble across this. This is the point you should start improving.


What do you think I should do? I think it’s hard to know what’s good music. I mean the composition itself. Because the technical side is more black and white. Either your track is muddy or it’s not. Either it’s overcompressed or it’s not.
But how do you mesure if a composition is good or not? Tritones sounds terrible exept when it’s expressive and good in the music, same with minor second clashes.
Using one chord troughout the whole song? Sounds lame, but it can work with meditation/ambient music.
I’ve always followed the principle that if it sounds good it is good, but maybe I’m wrong? Or maybe I don’t know what’s good? But then again who knows what’s good and beautiful?

Okay back to the topic, what should I do?
If you would have the time would you mind listening to some of my other rejected tracks?

@StudioErmine .

Ok. Obviously , you missunderstand me. Please read again.I said : Maybe your tracks should fit better on another platform. AudioJungle is not quite a known promoter of musique concrete, polyrhythm, counterpoint and so on. Regarding the sound itself, you oversimplified things a bit. A track is not just overcompressed or muddy. It needs a lot more to make it translate its vibe to listeners. A discussion way too long to have it here. Regarding your other rejected tracks You obviously wrote some good tracks, but maybe, they just do not belong here. Is just as simple.Reviewers do not measure or judge your musical knowledge or compositional skills.They are just judging the commercial potential of one track. If this thing is subjective or not, this is a question for Envato. We are just trying to help authors to understand why are their tracks rejected, and to help them if possible.
As an addition. Piano solo tracks ( or any other solo instrument tracks, except for percussion tracks which have dedicated section) , are not accepted by the AJ policy.

Good luck with further uploads.

Oh thank you very much! Now that you say this makes tense, that this kind of music doesn’t belong here.
I just tought that how they worded their email that the tracks are not “quality standard”. I tought that the “quality” is the literal quality of a musical piece, be it composition, mix, master. Never tought it would mean that the quality=what has commercial value, and is useful for the site.
I mean they could rephrase things a little it’s quite misleading.
(Not saying I’m making amazing songs, I just tought that hey they are very usable"
Okay again thank you for your help, also didn’t know that solo pieces are not accepted. Good to know!

I would go back and study existing filmscores. Learn about background foreground arrangements and theme development.
Right now your track sounds like a random collection of sounds to me.