Why are they rejecting all of my tracks?

Hey, I want an opinion on a couple of songs that is having being rejected cuz they say that it does not met the standard for the audiojungle. I would like an opinion of you guys who are already experienced in this marked. I have being trying to upload track for 4 weeks already and they have being rejected in all pf my tries. I change them, improve them and they keep saying that it does not met the standards. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m ready to give up on envato.

The first one is a epic one and they keep rejecting:

And the second one is this electronic dance music:

I have another acoustic style one but those two above are already a good example of work that I have doing and they keep denying. I really want to know why since the answers on the review are bullshit and it does say nothing.

They sound a bit experimental, especially the first track. Read the AJ guidelines, they say they don’t want experimental tracks.


The first one isn’t bad but I agree with HasenMusic, also I think you need to add a bit more of structure, like intro - chorus - bridge - end… they are structured a bit monotonous.
and need more work on the mixing stage as well.

Hope it helps


It helped cuz now you talked with a specific musical terms. But I desagree a little bit cuz in both tracks there are a structure, a intro, a melody, a developmentand and a end, even tho the end are a little bit abrupt. But you are right, it does not prevent it to be a monotonous track as u said. Maybe it’s just a boring music and I’m wrong on how I’m judging my own tracks.
And in the point of HasenMusic, it can be true, maybe is just a bit experimental, but even tho I think the envato just lose on not allowing that the artists experiment at least a little bit. If that is a really in the music for other medias, someone like Hans Zimmer would never exist. I think that if it’s a little bit experimental it would be upon the client to decide if is to experimental for his project or not. I know that there is a place in the market for this kind of music, I’m graduate in film score and I know the reality of the market, and if there isn’t a little bit of me in my music, I would rather not be part of this market.

But you also said need a little work on the mixing stage too. What would you suggest? In this part I’m learning the basic yet. Any tips would be a lot of help for me.

Thanks for your help.

I agree about AJ should approve more experimental tracks…in fact I think if the track is technically correct, they should approve any style, any genre even if is just a guy shouting to a mic…if people buy it who cares, right?.. So I’m not saying the music is bad, my own struggle is to fight against make soulless music in a place like this… Long story short, one day I just say to myself “I will make the music I like to hear” and stop following the trends here… that not make me a successful author at all, but I more happy with myself…
So back to the topic… I was just making a quick guess based on my own knowledge and taste, nothing personal… The AJ staff have no pointed out any technical issue or specific problem with your tracks? (ie: not commercial enough / the level is bad / whatever).
About the technical side: It feels like theres little compression for instance on the “ostinato strings” in the first track, it sounds kind of hollow or flat…But is difficult to say why… maybe is the sample (if its sampled)…Again, more compression, balance between instruments, eq or even a bit of gentle distortion can help to warm up the sound… I know it sounds vague but english isn’t my first language… so… sorry to not be more clear on my explanation… maybe nothing of these tips have to do with the reason they reject the tracks… maybe you should try to contact them, maybe they could answer the exact problem.

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Tottaly supported. I agree!

That’s nice to hear of someone more experienced here. Thanks, man.

This is what they always answer my requests:
“After some careful consideration, it was determined that this submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.”

Either my one. I’m from Brazil, dude. hehe

I didn’t know that there is this possibility. I’ll look up for this options. Thank u so much again for your help.

To be honest I wouldn’t try to contact them. They must already get so many people contacting them about reasons for rejection which they can’t answer. If they could tell you then they’d tell you in the review. Personally I’d just ask on the forum like you have and then try to alter the music or write other pieces and keep submitting.

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That is what I think too. But apparently they are too busy even for that. They just give you a automatic answer. Too sad. They say it’s a serious market but it isn’t so serious like they say.

Hey 4waves. Just wanted to tell you that I really like your tracks, especially the first one (some mixing issues could be solved for sure).
It’s really inspiring :slight_smile: to not hear overly used elements (such as ukulele, palm muted delayed guitars, handclaps and so on - even this may be high in demand here).
But as mentioned by others already, I may not fit for what they are looking in this jungle.
At least for now. Hang in there. Who knows, maybe you create a new trend?.. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your review and your words, BluePaw.

1st track is really cool, but “Audiojungle” is warped, and sounds too quickly, it could cause rejection. The 2nd track is too experimental, and again warped watermark. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Yonom! I didn’t notice it and it really sounds warped. TY!

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I like this tracks.
I think the first one is just amazing.
2nd has sole question with high-mid frequencies of synth lead and hat (?) imho. They are harsh a little.

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