Reject! What for?.

Hi guys!

My song was rejected. Can you help me with your opinions?

It was rejected with next message:
This submission does not meet our general commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

Thank you very much!

I have no idea why the track was rejected, but I just can point out one flaw that I see in it - guitar downstroke too slow and a little late, it spoils the impression of the track. As for the rest, I think the track sounds decent, good luck!).

Ah well you see, it doesn’t meet the commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and the commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

Listen to this track that just got accepted, this is how it should sound:

(I am sorry, but I’m just trying to make it clear that the review process needs improvement).

I hear no problems with your track Timtaj. Sure we could nitpick it, but it certainly is within the lines of what Envato should approve.

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Thank you very much!

Unfortunately equalize your track with my track does not make sense …

  1. The quality of your track is low and you can complain about the reduction.
  2. Style of the EDM, and I have a corporate.

Thanks for your feedback.

Ah I think we reached a language barrier here.

That’s not my track. I showed it as a example that your track is better than a lot of music being approved. Sort of sarcastic.

I’m sorry … Now I understand you)) thank you.
That’s what I’m talking about. Every day, take a ton of no-quality tracks. 2 days I sat carefully cultivated music, and then rejected.

I decided to remove the acoustic guitar, the music quality a little better. Retransmitted, I hope this time will be, and I will write here.

I think main problem of this track is mixing quality and sample quality. For example piano sounds very cheap. I have feel that mix have only some sub-bass at the kick drum and high frequencies. There are now middle frequencies. Try to re arrange it and create more balanced mix with more “boddy” (mid freq.). Hope it helps you. Good luck!

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@_Pengus I know you’re frustrated with rejections of your tracks and if I judge by other items in your portfolio I think you are awesome producer, and your mixing skills are great. But that doesn’t give you the right to call out other authors here and make sarcastic comments about their items. No one benefits from that. Peace :wink:


Slightly modified and put an acoustic guitar.
Approved track:

Thank you.