Corporate Rejection! Can you tell me why?

Hi All!

First I want to say I am new to the Envato/Audiojungle world, and I just had my first item accepted! Very exciting stuff, however, the track below was rejected, and I’m not sure why. To be honest I thought the track that was accepted would be rejected, and the track that was rejected would be accepted! So, i’m pretty confused, any thoughts on why this one was rejected? Thanks!

because it’s not really a style corporate !!! I think it is some electronics ))) and lots of ( experimental ) music ! and a lot of moments that play out of sync !!!

Not sure if I agree, but thanks for the feedback! :grin:

Hi! There are cool ideas in the track, but some sounds are poor. Try to change piano and strings or add more layer on it. It needs some bass. And yes, this is not corporate I think. Good luck!

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Yea, I’m working on getting better sounds, so hopefully soon. And, I think you are right, it’s definitely a bit thin on the low end. Thanks for the feedback!