I´am new in AudioJungle and they rejected my first song. Could you help me to know why ? (Thanks for advance :) )

Hi to everyone. !!!
First, i would like to say that i been listening some tracks in this beautiful music jungle :slight_smile:
and i think you guys are excellent musicians.

The thing is, that i just uploaded my first song, and i don´t understand why have been rejected. Is’ because the quality of the music? Too simple? The mixing isn´t that good? Why?

I also would like to add that i think it would be nice for the reviewers to add some another specification in the message so the composers could have some clue of what we did wrong.

Here is the link of my song. i would appreciate any help. Thank you so much.

Miquel Pardo

First of all i like your melody and idea in general. All what i’m going to say is just my opinion. But here we go.
That percussion/retro-EDM-like loop starts at 0:14 is not good enough. 0:41; 1:42 synth goes right from retro style, try to use some modern sounding synths. Mixing is not accurate for this place, your bells (right?) are too loud. Check it out “youtu(dot)be/1XNPJqQ_4NM”. You can do that with other EQs. Try to do that with some tracks that similar to yours.
Don’t forget you are mixing for people with cheap dynamics. They hear a lot of high freqs and not enough of low and mid, thats why most of the mixes here sounds really weird. Hope this helps, maybe someone could say more.

Good luck with it! :wink:

Thank you FireLast for taking this time of doing this for me. I really appreciate it so much!

I think you are right with everything you said, and i appreciate your point of view, it really helps me a lot.

The percussion isn´t a retro loop from EDM, actually is played by me with the abbey road, and there´s a loop made with stylus.

Yes, the principal melody is done with a bells sample, and i think you´re right, it is may be too loud.

You said something very interesting Firelast. And this is, that people do not have a very good sound system (speakers, sound card etc.) but then, how to mix better to understand which kind of sound i need to have in order that everybody can enjoy it?

Once again. Thank you so much FireLast !

There few ways i guess.

  1. To have two sets of studio monitors one for main mixing (with balanced representation of all freqs) and some additional like for example Avantone Mixcube or some other shitty (on purpose) monitors that will sound like FM-radio lol, but give you a lot of useful information.
  2. Use anything that you got on hands, laptop build-in speakers, your phone, headphones can also help you a lot.
    If your mix sounds good on anythings, then your mix is pretty good. :smile: Peace
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Thank you for your advices FireLast. It is true. i Need to hear the mix in different speakers. Right now, i´m using the RME FIREAFACE UC and the DYNAUDIO LY7 Studio monitors, but i just listen my works on them. I think i have to learn a lot about mixing… Aim musician for a long time, but as a audio engineer i think i have a lot to work yet. By the way. i liked your industrial song. I wish soon i can hear more music from you !!! :slight_smile:


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Thanks you for your kind words! :blush:
Seems like you got a real fine gear, definitely enough or AJ. Yes, i have to agree experience is somewhat crucial in mixing, i’m pretty sure some practice and you gonna catch it. Fighting! :slight_smile:

Ohhhh…Thanks FireLast. Whenever you like i invite you to visit my web page: www.pardomusic.es

The true is that the musicians that we come from the old school have a lot of problems mixing and mastering. Actually, is something so important in these days, and i really have to learn a lot!

And like i said before, i hope to listen more of your music :wink:
Once again., Thanks for your words!

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Listen to TOP tracks and try to comprehend what make them so attractive to buyers and why them been sold.

Agree FireLast advices so much!. Yes it’s a question of trying to change those few old fashioned sounds for proper ones. Then just try to adjust and sit a bit your sounds in the mix and that’s it.
Wellcome to the jungle and enjoy the trip. Remember the best advice for your career here is take it as a long run business. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your advice DPmusicStudio ! I´ll do so! By the way, let me tell… You are a great musician, your music is excellent!
About listening other tracks, i knew that already! Is a very good thing to do, but what do you thing about my track? :slight_smile: Thank you very much DPmusicStudio

Thank you so much for your answer Octoupusic ! I´m 100% agree with everything you and FireLast said!
Audio Jungle has to be taken as a long journey to achieve objectives.
By the way, your music is great. Congratulations !!! :wink: