Please help. This song rejected ? Why ??? I would apreciate so much any clue of why that happened ! Thank you so much guys !!!

Hi to every one !

How are you doing ?
Firt of, let me thank you all for taking time out helping me ! Thank you so much !!!

After a long time not uploading a song, i finally did (I have been studing a lot of mixing and mastering,
but Audiojungle rejected again my song. This time only one reason:

Message from AudioJungle:
This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

But guys ? what is what I did wrong? What this message means ? It means that there´s only a problem with the mixing and/or mastering ? What it means ?

Any clue of what I should do to make my work been accepted ?

Thank you so much for advance ! :wink:

I believe that the composition, arrangement and melody are OK! It seems to me that the problem is in mixing. In general, the track sounds a bit muddled, there is not enough “sparkling” treble and overall volume. A good method - during mixing is to compare your work with the sound of the reference, you can immediately see in the right direction whether you are moving. Not the most sensational advice, but it works!) Don’t despair, Miquel, you are on the right way)


Heyy Lemonello ! Thank you so much for your very nice advice! You cheer me up a lot believe me !
Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

By the way, I been listening your music and is fantastic. Congratulations for your great
work! I just love it !!!
Warm wishes,

Miquel Pardo

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I also think that the biggest problem is the mixing and mastering. The melody is good but maybe would be great to use more instruments and use panorama for them to be the sound a little bit fatter,

An example for you with the guitar sound:

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Thanks a lot, Miquel! I’m very glad that you liked it, I appreciate it!:+1:

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Thank you so much HoneyLoud !
I really apreciate your comment ! Thank you !

It was nothing, keep your head up, I think that everybody had rejections on this site!

Yes, but I´m having so many rejections hahaha ! Besides, And I uploaded a very old cinematic theme, i didn´t even equalize well, or mixed, or mastered, and they accepted it ! Thank you so much for your advices Honey Loud !

Your music sound´s amzing !
Congratulations !

Thanks to you Lemonello ! :grinning:

  1. the song and audio seem fine to me, maybe a bit dull in eq, that is, missing some air…

  2. it does sound a bit like loads of tracks on AJ, maybe thats why they refused. It also seems to depend on the reviewer. Last batch of 5 I sent all got accepted, but the one before that 2 got rejected. Those 2 that got rejected I think were of higher quality than the others.

  3. Everyone says that sometimes odd rejections come on this site. You should just change this song a bit, and then resend after awhile :slight_smile:

Hi stsoundtracks

Evn thought with a lot of delate. Thank you so much for your answer !

Warm regards,