Item was reject because it isn´t at the quality standard required

My first track on AudioJungle has been rejected because it “isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”. Can someone explain me why?
Thank you so much

Here is the track:

Thanks so much

Too minimal, not enough going on. Doesn’t really build or go anywhere. Too much empty space between the musical phrases. Sounds more like a sketch than an actual composition.

The song itself is pleasant to listen to for sure, and the sounds used are high quality and balanced well. The main thing holding you back is the composition itself. You need some melodies, arpeggios, transitional elements, etc. and the song itself needs to evolve either in dynamic level or instrumentation. Right now it does neither and so it fails to captivate or draw in the listener.

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It is too subjective.
Is this the reason that audio jungle reject the track?

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@mercurimusic .

As @add9audio said. This is just a sum of chord progressions. There is no development, no transition. This is not subjective matter. Also. There are 20 seconds of silence at the end of the track. (This could be by itself a rejection reason.) Another rejection reason is the fact that despite the fact that it does have a layered pad underneath the piano ,it still does sound like a solo piano track. Again, solo instruments tracks are rejected according to AudioJungle policy.