New to Audiojungle / Inputs to improve my production and understand reasons of rejection

Hi everyone!

I am new to the game of licensing music and would really appreciate any comments on the 2 tracks below.

I uploaded 2 tracks on Audiojungle to see what happens and received on this sunny Sunday 2 rejections. They do not meet the commercial quality standards.

I completely understand that the reviewers do not have time to develop the reasons why they decide not to include tracks to the library. I checked on the forum and discovers that the community is very active and helpful so I give it a try.

Here are the 2 tracks which were rejected this morning:

I would like to have your opinion on them. Do you think they were rejected for technical or for artistic reason? Do not hesitate to be frank, I am here to learn:-)

Thank you for your time!



Hi @Pompet, sorry about the rejections.

I’m not sure if you’re using samples for your guitars in the first track but they feel quite synthetic or copy and pasted. Realism with programming and samples is highly valuable to the customer and the market IMO. Try varying velocities, humanising the timing or physically playing the parts with a real instrument.

I think mood is also really important. Especially for your first upbeat track. Try to imagine how you would use the track as a customer and title your track accordingly. The choice of chords and melodies shapes this mood. My advice for the upbeat acoustic genre would be to trawl through some of the tracks already on AJ and see what makes them work and how they generate a mood or feeling.

Your second track also ends with a fade, which I’m not sure will do much to help it get accepted. Again, think from a buyers perspective. They’re most likely trying to tell some type of story with the music - help them out by giving them a strong ending.

Keep it up and don’t be discouraged, I’m sure every author has had a rejection here so it’s nothing new!


Hi! Thanks for your input it is greatly appreciated. Acoustic guitar was physically played then looped. Next time I will try to play it during the whole song to keep it more human. Thanks again for your time!

Well, your tracks prove two things. 1) That you have a huge creative potential, 2) That you haven’t listened to AudioJungle tracks too carefully. Take some good sellers and emulate them for structure, progressions etc, at least until you get the hang of it.


Thank you for having taken the time to listen! I only listened to music used by youtubers to illustrate their contents. I will definitely have a closer look to the best sellers music in my category of interest and learn. I still believe there is a technical issue in the music I uploaded (mixing or mastering) but I will investigate what you advise me to do, including your portfolios. Thanks again!