Why are my songs being rejected? Help me please!

Guys, I’m new here on Envato, I’ve sent 5 songs for review and they’ve already turned down two of the five with that justification:

" This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately. "

Look at the link for one of them:

Can you give me feedback and help me improve?

Thank you very much!

Good music!

Here is my initial thoughts on your track:

Poor quality sounds / sample libraries
Poor arrangement of composition
Lack of dynamics
Wrong choice of sounds used to carry the melody throughout the trak
Midi instruments used are quantized which offers no feel to the music
Mix is muddy and has no presence
Drum programming seems to be standard midi
Lead sounds at 0:21 and 2:04 are poor

These are initial thoughts on your track. The standard on Audio Jungle has got really high.

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the composition is bad
there is no space before the first note
the arpeggio has an annoying, unnatural feel, like it was done with a mouse and keyboard, not played
there is 0 life, expressiveness in this track (again, like it was “painted” with the mouse or some arpeggiator)
generally, the track is way below the average AJ standard in all aspects of composition and production

Overall, it feels like you are just starting out with creating music. So, just hang in there, educate yourself, make good use of all those ressources on the Web, Youtube, etc, and you’ll get there.

Good luck.

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