A better way than just a banner to Elements

Today, I had a desire to buy one cool project on a Videohive, and in the comments, I asked the author if he uploaded this project to Envato Elements, because it would be more profitable for me to download it from there, because the subscription is cheaper + I will get access to other files . And then I got one good idea.

We all see how negative comments periodically appear on the forum from both authors and buyers about the banner at the top of all pages. It seems to me that there is a more optimal solution that is better than this banner.

What are the advantages:

For Envato: It will be more targeted advertising and it will much help to attract more subscribers to Elements.

For authors outside Elements: It will not annoy authors who have not joined Elements and they will be able to more actively customize advertising to their portfolio.

For Market Visitors: This will not annoy visitors who already know or have Elements Subscriptions. In this way, there will not be an ineffective display of a banner that does not bring results

For authors from Elements: The authors of Elements will be able to attract more new-type buyers and they surely will increase their earnings.

For buyers: a) Buyers will not be frustrated if they buy any item on the market, and then find out that they could buy it cheaper at Elements using a subscription. b) Buyers will not be confused by the banner when they pay for a subscription assuming that they will get access to all items of the market.

Thus it will be really the best way for all subjects of the market.

The idea is that all items on the market that were also uploaded to the Elements have an additional button or link “Available on Envato Elements”. I am sure this will help attract more subscribers and as a result, increase the income of the authors of Elements.

I’d love to hear from someone on Envato’s team. What do you think about the idea?


As an envato market author with no access to envato elements, I think this is not an optimum solution. Not all authors in the envato market make contribute to the Elements. Elements authors are been selected. Driving customers to the Envato Elements will kill the Envatomarket and its author slowly. Unless Envato Element is open to all Envato Market authors.

Elements shouldn’t exist in the first place. Subscription systems need to be implemented in this Envato Market it self. And your ‘idea’ additional button should be “Subscribe for unlimited downloads”.


Reality tells us that this button already exists in the form of a banner at the top of each page. I just suggest making it more efficient for everyone. Because this method allows more quickly to achieve the goals that each subject of the market follows.

Simply, Do not agree.
It’s worse for Envato Elements members authors.

Banner vs your idea.

Banner better.

If the user of EnvatoMarket finds out that he can buy most of the current author items for 33 bucks - why won’t he do it? As a result, the author will receive a couple of cents.

This will simply drive customers from Market to Elements. Once person knows about subscription he will be looking for alike project on Elements. Thus even non-elements authors will suffer.
This is just different type of promotion))

I tell you as Elements contributor.

This is actually common practice amongst other markets that offers subscription “on the side”, at least all of them have their items clearly labeled if they are in subscription or not. Transparency with the customers is of course a great thing in the long run no matter how you look at it.

This kind of system is probably not in the interest of the authors who have most of their portfolio in Elements though. With such a system they would be forced to think longer and harder about what items they actually upload to Elements.

And I don’t think it is in Envato’s interest that authors carefully select which items are uploaded to Elements, as they want the more the better in many categories.

@DREAMYARD_Visuals I am sure you are contradicting yourself. You know that Elements is intended for a new type of customers, for this you can see the banner at the top of each page - it is already the button. You often mention on the forum that your income is stable or even getting better thanks to additional payments from Elements. Thus, you should not be afraid of such a link to your items on Elements that placed in your items on the main market because if a person wants your product, he will buy it in the main market, and those who belong to a new type of customer will buy a subscription for Elements. And you have to believe in it because you post your works on the Elements. If you do not believe in this idea, then it turns out you are dumping your own products. But how you write, your income is stable or growing, so this idea works.

Thus, you, as an author posting your works on Elements, should independently already make links to Elements in the description of all your products in the main market, which you also downloaded on Elements. Thus, you will earn even more, because you will not lose people who have not bought your project because of the high price.

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This is just a Theory and we don’t know how it will work out. Now Market to Elements earnings ratio is around 3 to 2 for me and I’m fully satisfied with a current balance Market/Elements.
And yes, Average months in total are better than ever before.

I might shred more light about different items ratio, because it really feels that some items are more in demand on Elements than on VH and some are more in demand on VH than on Elements.

And I have a strategy related to VH/Elements items distribution which should work for current balance, so I’m not interested in any global changes

That’s right. Thus the idea that I have written in the main post should help you earn more because it works. I’m sure not me but more you should ask Envato to help you realize this idea.

I won’t go on further discussion, there are more parameters for desicion making which we can’t evaluate. But this topic feels more like baiting than constructive discussion:)

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I do not agree at all :open_mouth:

@DREAMYARD_Visuals Wow, it is very easy to call the topic by some epithet and not explain why you call it that. By the same way I can call any your comment, but it will be very wrong. I’m sure that my idea is more than constructive, and I referred to the words of Envato and your words and other authors words about incomes with help of Elements, which confirm this idea. And you now without a reason call it a baiting? I think that from your side it is very not ethical and insulting to say so.

The comment of MojoSoundtrack was 100% correct and constructive. Not only should there be a sign “Available on Elements” but also a direct link in the description to the product on Elements.

What is Unethical and insulting in baiting? Even not knowing exaclty what is this baiting for?
Anyway didn’t mean to insult or offend anyone

@Wayman To make your idea cunstructive you should explain step by step how exactly Elements Authors will earn more.
Right now it’s just another “I don’t like Elements” topic. If you pretend to be objective, please, explain in what you believe, not in what we should believe.
I really want to hear arguments, not religious statements.

Are you kidding me? Or you did not read my post and comments under it? Because you see something that really doesn’t exist.

My post is more than constructive! I gave arguments in it why it would be better for absolutely all market participants, I indicated in the comments that this button already exists and lead to items that are already on the main market, I gave you the words Envato why they place this banner (button) and that it does not lead to a drop in profits but, on the contrary, helps the authors of the Elements to receive additional income, I did not invent it and these are not my words, these are the words of Envato. Also, I brought you the words of the author, which confirms Envato words that his income with the Elements is stable and even increases. What arguments do you still need??

Please stop to endow my words with your false epithets, which are precisely destructive and do not reflect what was actually said in my post. Just stop it.

Once again - I proposed my idea, based on Envato model, which already exists and works! My idea is only intended to improve this model in order to achieve the best results for each side of the market. I hope you hear me - My idea already exists on the market! Where in my words of this topic did you see hate for Elements or a baiting?

And if you want to blame me for saying that this topic is simply another topiс about “I don’t like Elements” or, as DREAMYARD_Visuals said, this topic is “a baiting”, then prove it! Otherwise, you should not say their conjectures about what really does not exist in the post. Thus, first start talking more constructively yourself, and then demand it from others.

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Banner already exists. It’s one “button” that redirects to one (same for everyone) page.
Your idea is to create many “buttons” that will go directly to item page.
That is not the same thing. So you should stop refer to Envato or other authors words.
Once again how exactly your idea will help Elements Authors earn more?
I’m asking it because if you don’t understand how all this process works (with banner and Elements in general), how you can suggest any improvements? So I’m asking for step by step explanation. I’m interested in your vision of client behavior.
Because right now as you see several authors from Elements (including me) think that it will make only harm for us.

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Here is my thoughts, why it will be bad for all of us.

Right now we have one big entrance to Elements. You suggest thousands of small entrances. That ruins a vision that Elements is a separate site. It will bring even more confusion for clients. Right now many of them already don’t see difference, with thousands entrances they will completely stop to understand it. It’s one issue.
Second. If we have items with “Available on Envato Elements” label. Then people will see it like incredible discount. And of course will start to “hunt” on those items directly on main market! Not on separate space (site). So it will be a real dumping and the worst scenario.

Market and Elements should be separate spaces as much as possible. I understand that many people don’t like this banner, but as we see Envato isn’t going to remove it. But suggesting a lot of buttons will make much more harm.


Inspired by this topic and just in case by some miracle the decision makers of Envato Elements are reading…

Here is my elevator pitch for a compromise possibly meeting all parties:

  • Remove the Elements banner. Because of all the countless reasons discussed 10 000 times already, how it affects exclusive market authors, affiliate authors and customers in an unacceptable way.

  • Label all market items that exists in Elements with “available through subscription” and direct link to Elements. I believe customers who already are attracted to a particular item will be a much easier catch/new subscriber for Envato, then random customers not interested in a particular item. Lets just say Elements contributor bonus covers this service and transparency for older Elements subscribers browsing both markets.

  • Consider giving authors with subscription items a bonus payment each time a new subscriber is brought to Elements through an authors market items (similar to affiliate authors system). This will make authors keep many items in Elements, and this is clearly important for Envato nowadays.

  • Also make some kind of link from Elements authors portfolios to easily access their market portfolios for deeper dive in additional items/unique market content etc. This enables authors to upsell more items not available in Elements.

  • Specifically for AJ: Start obligatory labelling/linking to AudioJungle items used in video templates in Elements…How about that? Another opportunity to help customers and easily upsell additional market items to Elements subscribers.

Lets at least agree to stop leaving money on the table shall we? :slight_smile:


What ruins the vision that it’s a separate site is having the Elements banner shown on every page, every item, every category, and on every marketplace. It would be far less separate if either the banner, or some other label were shown on items that are actually on Elements.

Is that not what’s essentially going on? Customers are going to try and see if it’s on Elements anyway, it’ll just make it much easier by removing the guess work on their end. It’s unfair to have the banner displayed on items that aren’t on Elements, especially to people that aren’t accepted.

This is coming from someone that’s participating in Elements, so no hate thrown at the platform. I just believe the advertising is far too aggressive.