A better way than just a banner to Elements

Your idea sounds nice for me. I’m not sure how it will work in practice, but there is many things to think about. So I like it.

VH authors have special section where we need to put AJ item id.
If I remember correctly, it was made to implement your idea in future. Looks like they just need more time for launch it.


Every supermarket built as labyrinth. Even if you need just a bread you should go through many shelves. It’s one of the marketing thing, to offer more before customer goes away.

I agree with this.

Hm, if there should be differentiation for item in terms “Available or not on Elements” - so in searching menu new filter should be added : “Available on Elements”?

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I like the analogy… but I think what they’re doing is slapping labels on every single loaf of bread saying “go to our other market that has unlimited loaves of bread for a small fee”. It’s too much.

I like the idea of a new filter, it could possibly be a push in the right direction if their intentions were to keep the banner permanent.

In case of implementing all these ideas so filter should be. But, in some or even most cases it might have even worse results for Authors than banner itself.

Just imagine: you have access to direct search on Elements inside Marketplace with more precise filtering. + This won’t be occasional hit into item which have that Elements link, but it will be available for anyone with more easy way of entering into Elements.

If it appears only for Elements members I don’t think there would be any harm.

Then don’t have the filter.

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Can you specify?

I was talking about filter available for customers.
My idea is that:
If this Elements link/highlight will be implemented so there should be “Available on Elements” filter. It’s logical development of this implementation.

And I believe, this setup will make even more harm than banner itself.
Last year I created video explainer for one US company. It was about banners and new digital marketing ways. So it was based on research which says that Banners are hardly visible for most of site visitors, there are visual hotspots and banners are more likely situated outside these hotspots. And there solution was exactly the same as this Elements Link but in News Sites

And second: Nowadays customers are lazy. It is harder for them to click on the banner, to see new site with a new layout with different navigation. BUT it is easier to click direct link to needed item.

Anyway, it is better to get rid of all these banners and not implementing these kinda “ideas”.

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So if this was the case, wouldn’t it be much better if a banner, which is barely visible to customers as you put it, would be on items that are only on Elements rather than on every item page?

No disagreement here, but I took this conversation as a means to compromise rather than all or nothing.

There will be no changes for me or for You so I don’t care really if this will be this specific way

If the client is already subscribed to Elements he will see that filter, and an ordinary buyer without subscription couldn’t see anything like that.

Or there may be a combination of two filters. One will exclude all Elements items, another shows only them. And of course it’s only visible for Elements subscribers.

To attract new customers Envato should promote Elements and Market somewhere outside. Or ideally promote Elements when user comes from pirates sites for viewing preview. Something like big banner or popup message: “No need to steal this, you may download unlimited items just for $16.5 per month”

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Got it, yeah this might be the case

Are you saying for me and you as Elements’ authors, or for everyone in general?

For both sides. Our situation on VH specifically won’t be changed because of this banner

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So unless I misunderstood you, and if so allow me to apologize, but earlier you said it would be better to get rid of all of these banners, but why do so if they won’t make a difference? They clearly have an impact on driving customers if Envato has decided to plaster them everywhere and keep them up for this long. I can’t comment on if they have a negative impact on sales for most, but I don’t think you can either.

I see what are you talking about.

It wasn’t enough context to this message: Get rid of banner for tension lowering first of all, so there wouldn’t be any need in any “ideas” related to Elements crossing Market.

Sales might be higher without banners, but it won’t be significant up.

So as a compromise this

or this

Would be fine for me


Please, please I beg you that we do not return to this, please re-read everything that I already wrote before. To understand how this process works, I must have data, statics, all that Envato has. I do not have this and you have not it as well, thus in this matter, we can push away from only those data/words that Envato provides and in the words of the authors from Elements and already only on the basis of this we can draw conclusions. Or do you want to say that Envato is deceiving us all and we cannot act on the information that they provide? If you think this information is correct, then I don’t understand why you should be against my idea.

I put together the words Envato and the words of the authors of Elements and it turns out that Envato is right and the banner does not affect the main customers of the market and attracts only a new type of customers. Proceeding from this logic, all who have their works on Elements should not be afraid to place such a button in their items, because it will only attract a new type of buyers who don’t want to pay more.

But now, when I see that you are against such a button, I can not understand why. If the author deliberately adds his work for sale at a cheaper price, why should he be against that people will know about it? Please imagine the feelings of customers when someone buys something with a higher price and then he finds out that this author with the help of the same company, sells several times cheaper. You gave an example of a supermarket, good. Imagine you scored a full basket of products in this supermarket and gave $300 for it, but it turns out this store has another entrance and if you entered through it you could buy all these products for $30. If you will not deceive yourself and honestly will imagine such a situation, then I am sure you will be very upset by the big loss of money.

Thus, expressing your protest about this button/link you want to keep such a row of things, but this is slyness towards buyers. Therefore, my idea is designed to help everyone, and the authors of the Elements, since they decided to add their work to the Elements and make money on a new type of customers, and to help Envato direct advertising more targetly attract new subscribers, and to help customers, and authors who outside Elements.

Of course, I don’t like this banner and I wrote about it other threads, but Envato ignores my words. Therefore, I am not struggling with this banner, but I propose to make the model more efficient for everyone. If you think that it will not be effective specifically for you authors from Elements, and if you think Envato is not right when says that Elements is intended for a new type of customer and it does not affect sales in the main market, then what is your logic to place there your projects at a lower price? Is your logic simply to take advantage of the ignorance of buyers? Is it what your attitude to people who buy your goods? In my opinion, this is a very strange approach. But in any case, we have to understand that gradually all buyers will learn about this market where you sell cheaper and then there will be no difference whether this button is there or not. But if you place this button now you will show great respect for your customers.

yeah u are right completely, all the way, the only thing that u forget to mention is that the situation is getting worst again for authors with the existence of PlaceIt too …

if u ask me, this system is not fair for authors , period … and this is good that they made it unfair so to speak as we all know that this system is the number one to offer “bullets” for pirate websites … and badly intentioned people of all sorts … (which does not mean hat all people who subscribe this marketplace are … it stands to evidence). Because they made it unfair , they also made it way less profitable for buyers who cannot find ALL what they need in Elements as ALL authors are not there and even people who are there do not dedicate ALL their items for this purpose

most importantly this is quite discussable that envato chooses arbitrarily who is part of it or not at a time that all these solutions have an impact on ALL authors …

There are too many sides: Envato, exclusive market authors, Elements authors, affiliate partners and of course buyers.
As an author of Market and Elements. I like how Envato develops Elements: changes to bonus payments, everyday updates of earning reports. But in the same time, unfortunately, I don’t like several decisions that they made on main Market: default sorting on category pages, this banner is too aggressive. And of course, I will not like supermarket that offers somewhere on another entrance a 90% discount.
There is no only black or white things. It’s too complicated. To satisfy everyone is mean to build an Utopia. No one in the world have built it. And we are far away from it.
If I believe in God, it’s not mean that I believe in every word that pastor says. If Envato says that Elements is intended for a new type of customer, I understand that it also has influence on old buyers. And that influence vary from author to author, someone has no drops on main market, others have significant drop, personally me have 10-20% drop. It also hard to calculate because there are so many variables. But what every Elements author exactly know - Market + Elements make more money than just Market alone. It’s a constant, it’s a balance between two things. Your idea may ruin that balance. We have no data to predict anything.

About buyers. Let’s imagine that we have those buttons on every item page. So I have an item that is only available on Market, and customer purchase it. But tomorrow I make it also available on Elements. Will it be good attitude? He lost his possible discount. Every time when you change the price, every time when you offer your item for free for the next month, every time when Envato makes big bundles with incredible discounts. It’s not a “local” issue of Elements, it’s everywhere on our lives. So when you blame only us, it’s just a double standards. And it’s well known that person lose everywhere because of his ignorance. If he don’t want to spend more time to understand how all processes works, than he lose money instead. You may don’t like it, but it’s how the world works. You can get better salary if you know the right words. And you may decrease it, if you are ignorant.


At least I was right about baiting (изначально в контексте моих комментов “baiting” - выманивание, если что) :slight_smile: