4 Year Old Refund Request

I received a refund request from a buyer who purchased a theme 4 years ago. Curious how other authors are dealing with this type of request. Shouldn’t there be some kind of limitation on refund requests?

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There are 2 options.

  1. Give him a refund
  2. Do no’t give him a refund


Joke aside, try to reason with him if its possible, get him on support if you can.
Other than that… well it was not a total joke. We are many times faced with an issue either grant a refund or not and risk a bad rating.

Very sorry i cannot give you a more helpful answer.


Turns out this buyer has contacted other authors with the same response - verbatim - and requested refunds. Seems to be going through all their purchases over the years and trying to get refunds. As much as I would like to believe that I can reason with them or offer extended support, etc. - I think they are simply trying to get a product for free.

In that case report him to envato with the proof you got. In rare cases they actually act.
Yesterday we got a purchase, 15 minutes later a refund was generated trough the payment system directly lool.

This happens more and more across envato market. I experienced this couple of days ago on audiojungle and I see other authors reporting the same thing.

In case of buyers trying to game the system a quick message to support will resolve their issue with an account disablement. Support takes refund fraud very serious and these things are not allowed under any circumstance. If the reason for a refund is legitimate, indeed, then it’s up to you to resolve the issue with your buyer, but in case a buyer just wants refunds for all his files that he purchased XX years ago and has or has not used, that’s clearly an attempt to force authors.

Get in touch with support! Cheers! :slight_smile:

That’s what I’ll do, thanks. I think there is some indication of fraud here. Thanks, again.

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Envato Support will investigate this further and in case you’re right and the buyer is trying to obtain multiple purposeless refunds from different buyers the appropriate actions will be taken.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

If his reason for requesting a refund is valid, issue him with a refund. If it isn’t, then don’t.