Refunds - a new can of worms!

So, today, I got my first refund request. Newly registered user, bought it, and right away asks for refund stating “I’m having a problem with item support”. No support request in support forum, no email, nothing… It seems that refund option is now too accessible and we going to be constantly blackmailed with it…

I don’t want to whine and complain, but every new major change since I joined envato a year and and a half ago makes it harder and less motivating to do anything (especially that US withholding tax)…


Yea well, Envato said that this are going to be rare exception. You actually do not need to approve it, let it go to dispute and lets see how envato is going to handle this :slight_smile:

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The guy is just bombarding me with messages like “your product sucks please refund now”, “I have already purchased a different product that seems better please refund my money now”… I do want to give him/her a benefit of the doubt and I wouldn’t mind to refund him/her, but at the same time, this sounds like “I run warez site, just got item of yours, now give me my f money back so i could make a fortune of your back”.


if they have downloaded the item, refuse the refund

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I think envato should consider showing the additional details when user asks for refund:

  • Date of registration (including the time)
  • All other items he/she bought and if refunds are requested for any of those (+ date and time of purchase date if refund is requested)
  • Status of other refunds (if other authors reject refunds)

The details could be hidden once the refund is rejected or issued


Do i have option to check?


should tell you in the request refund screen

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Just saw it. Thanks!

We got already 2 refund request with It was a mistaken purchase, both times the item was downloaded, the first request was from a customer from India, so we rejected it, now we got a request from a German customer, as he is from EU, now we don’t know what to do

Additional obligations to EU buyers

If any of your buyers are located in the EU they may have additional rights over and above these baseline standards. We encourage you to seek any further information required directly from the website of the European Union Commission and consult with a professional advisor if necessary. As a guide, for those additional EU rights to apply, the buyer must be located in the EU and purchased your item for personal use only and not in connection with business, trade or commerce. If the buyer meets this profile, then we strongly recommend a mistaken purchase refund be provided for a period of up to 12 months from the date the customer receives your item, even if they have downloaded it

He has bought the item before 4 days, also downloaded the theme and now says - sorry it was a mistake…


I’m not legal expert, but if you have a public demo, good item description, and buyer confirms item is working as described what sort of mistake could it be? “Sleep buying”?

I would say, refer to the Gareth_Gillman reply, if he/she downloaded it reject it, in worst case envato will refund him.

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How do you actually request a refund i cannot find the option anywere

Could be only available within short time after purchase? I’m actually happy to hear its not easy to find.

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I’d go with something like this…

"Hi Mr or Mrs Customer. Many thanks for buying my item! I’ve received your refund request with the reason for the refund stating that you are having a problem with item support. I notice from my records that no support requests have been logged from your account. In most cases, refunds won’t be issued unless the item is faulty or unfit for purpose, so it’s not our policy to issue refunds prior to following basic troubleshooting to see if that’s the case.

However, I’d be more than happy to assist with any problems you are having… all you need to do is open a support request at the following link, and then we can go through the necessary troubleshooting steps. I’m confident we can get you up and running in no time. I look forward to hearing from you."

Then if they argue you could whip out some kind of smartphone analogy… I.e. "I can appreciate your frustration, however, it’s important that we follow a specific procedure when it comes to troubleshooting. We can’t just issue refunds upon request. Like if your smartphone isn’t working properly… you’d send it to the manufacturer so they can troubleshoot, fix, replace or refund. They wouldn’t issue a refund or a replacement without seeing the phone first, and finding out what’s wrong with it. Anyway, I’m standing by and ready to help. I’ll keep an eye open for your support request, and once that’s logged, hopefully we can get this fixed asap.

If you’re not willing to follow troubleshooting steps then I apologize, but we won’t be able to issue a refund. If you’d like to dispute this decision, then you should contact Envato support."

I think the key to declining a refund is to be polite, state the facts, keep it friendly but professional and don’t get emotional. Keep in mind that if it does to go to support as a dispute, then they’re probably going to read your conversation, so if you’re screaming and swearing at the buyer then it;s not going to reflect well on you and support might issue a refund just to keep the buyer quiet. I’m not specifically telling you this, I’m sure you know what you’re doing, just for others that might be reading. You never know… it might come in handy to somebody!


I think its mostly other way around. The refund I was dealing with the person was rude from the first message he sent in along with refund request. In my case I politely replied with exact solution (to extract the file downloaded from envato, and upload plugin from plugin folder) that worked for at least 2 other people who went to post on support forum, instead in my case, the buyer continued his verbal abuse ignoring my message. In the end he stated that he wasted so much time dealing with me (never contacted support and completely ignored my very first message explaining what he needs to do) and that I should still refund him…

I think Envato should add time frame for example 7 days? to request refund. I got one request for “mistaken purchase” reason from buyer who bought theme 3 months ago and of course I rejected it as it doesn’t make sense to bought theme 3 months ago then just realised that it’s mistaken purchase.

I believe Envato added this EU part by keeping every possibility in mind. I mean, there’s a law and even if the chance of the thing that law points to happen is %0,0001, then you must include that possibility in your statement. That’s what Envato did I think.

On the other hand, if you decline it and the buyer gives 1 star rating, and when you report this to Envato, they may show this EU statement and refuse to remove the bad rating.

No matter what it takes, we’re going to decline all refund requests if the “refund reason” is included here:

hmmm, can we ask for review rude 1star after this?

Theoretically, should we should refuse if they did download it?
I got one buyer selected “The item is broken, malfunctioning or not as described” but comment is Mistaken, I want a WordPress theme not HTML. My item name indicates quite clearly. It is HTML template. And the price tells it all, you can not expect a WP theme with such a price $17.

And yes, it seems Envato gradually transfer some of their tasks to us so we can see “hey man, get 30-50% of the item price is no easy, you (authors) should get involved to this to see how hard we have been working in such a long time”.

Wow!! This is serious.

TF should rename “Mistaken Purchase” to “Buyer’s Remorse” as this way it’s more descriptive of the underlying reasons why certain people engage in such shady activities. Taking 3 months to figure out that you purchased the wrong item sounds very excessive and utterly ridiculous.