Refund request years after purchase


It is really disappointing for an author to find a refund request for an item that was purchased years ago

Why Envato even let buyers request a refund that was purchased too long time ago. I don’t see this anywhere and this should be limited

buyer should only be able to submit a refund request maximum 3 months after purchase.


I heard from some authors that some customers claimed for refund right after purchase. These things are definitely not good for authors and Envato must review this new policy.


Both cases are really bad :joy:


Customers are buying the products and after downloading and using them they are requesting for refund.

What can be we do ?


Envato (Well, the website) should be monitoring the downloads. For instance if a user has purchased an item, but NOT downloaded the files, then they can still get a refund. If they purchase the item, AND download the files, then they can’t get a refund, unless there’s a valid reason, such as the item isn’t as described.


Last month I got a refund request 3 years from purchase and today I got a request from a user who purchased the theme 1 year ago, the only message form the user is that “Please refund or I will leave a bad rating”.
You know by the time I create a support ticket on Envato and get a response, the buyer would post a review and would have already done the damage.

I have been making the same suggestion to Envato for “years” and it is very disappointing to note that my requests land on deaf ears.