Refund requests increasing day by day

After envato decided to allow authors to make refunds, I am receiving refund requests almost every week. And I had to make 5 to 6 refunds in past few months which is 3 to 4 times greater than the amount of refund made in my entire author career previously.

It looks like some buyers are abusing this feature. I found 2-3 cases where people submitted refund request telling that they mistakenly purchased the script and their record show that they have purchased it 2 months ago. Some states that they are not being able to make it work with their site/server and the script is useless to them and asks for refund. This is the most common reason stated in refund request and they start arguing and pressuring me to give refund. Some people file a refund request immediately after purchase without asking me a solution to their problem even though I have a solution to the problem they are facing.

The situation is going out of hand day by day. I feel I am bad at handling refund requests but the old system was much better than this imo.

Thats really a sad news and it could be a bigger problem in future. Envato must do something about this policy asap.

**Actually its a great decision Envato took.Because its helping those people are not getting proper support and service that should be the seller do.I purchased an item few months ago when i asked the seller if there any issue or anything happen with my product and you dont response on time how can i fix this if i dont have the support time bought?He just wrote rough language and after few months i just not only me its hampered lots of people when he is not giving support for last 1 month.So, shouldnt we ask for refund? **