Refund request issue

Hi @Envato

I have received a refund request with reason as below:

.I purchased by mistake

I confirmed in refund request and script is already downloaded by buyer. I have various questions to Envato:
#. Why not Envato handle refund requests directly for such cases?
#. If script is download, then why Envato allow buyer to submit refund request for any reason?
#. Why not Envato give option to buyer to choose refund reason from specified only not any reason is allowed to submit request.
#. My script is downloaded by buyer, now sent refund request that “it is by mistake” Why not Enavto responsible for such cases? Why is to pay author even downloaded script by buyer and Envato have its status downloaded?
#. What if we reject the refund request and buyer give us bad rating for that, what is our author fault in this? Why not Envato handling such cases?


Hello @wpminds

You’ve got many questions here so let’s take them one by one:

Because the item was purchased from you, through Envato. It is only natural to give this option to authors. Plus, you do not have to give refund for this reason. You could have rejected it because it is not a valid reason.

There are policies established to make sure both the author and the buyer are protected. In most cases, items work perfectly fine, however, there are instances, rare instances, where the item has bugs or it’s not working as advertised. The customer can only notice this after they downloaded the file. To protect the buyer and to keep the standards high for authors, this option was offered.

Because there may be more reasons for which a buyer may request a refund. Limiting this can lead to other issues, so it is better to leave this choice to the customer. Like this, the author (and Envato if needed) can determine exactly if the buyer is eligible or not for the refund.

You can reject a refund that was made for this reason. Please take a look at this article → Refund Policy for Customers | ThemeForest

You can report that rating and Envato will take the necessary action.

Hi @MrsEnabled
Thanks for your answer. But still these are not valid answers.

I have not asked to handle all cases, I have asked to handle such cases which are not applicable for refund.

What other reason can be there, according to my codecanyon item? apart from listed on refund policy page of enavto?

Why Envato forward refund request to author for reason which is already not allowed for refund?

Who will responsible for the mean time, until Envato will not take action and bad rating will exist on author profile and effect him??

All refund requests goe to you because the customer purchased from you (the author), not from Envato. Envato is the “middle man”. The buyer purchases through them, not from them. Take the Elements example: Envato provides the subscription, therefore Envato gives the refund. Here, you as an author provide the item, therefore you as an author handle the refund. You are responsible for this. You could have chosen to not give refund, as the Refund Policy clearly states that this is not a valid reason and neither the Author, not Envato is obliged to accept the refund.

Different, specific situations the buyers may encounter.

Because it is your responsibility as an author to handle the refund requests. I repeat, you could have rejected the request, as that was not a valid reason.

Such cases are taken care of rather quickly. Make sure you report the situation as fast as you can and they will handle the situation from there.

If author have to refund for item and handle it , then why Enavto created refund policy by own? Why not author can create for their item?

Atleast please inform any single, apart from listed on Refund policy page. If there is any why not listed on Refund policy page of Envato?

What is the fastest method for this? If this forum, to whom should we mention in topic?

Because if there is a dispute between the author and the buyer, Envato must have a policy that can be enforced. Plus, this also helps authors in making their decision and also it ensures that Envato has their (the author’s or the buyer’s) back.

I’m not talking about other reasons, but rather a more detailed version of the existing broad spectrum listed reasons.

You need to contact Envato Authors Help and Support here (link).