YouTube music claime

Hi everyone!

I am envato elements customer and use in one of my YouTube video music downloaded from elements with license. So after uploading the video in 1 hour i receive Content ID Copyright Notice via AdRev.

So right after that, i disputed the claim via YouTube’s built-in form and add my license file. But after 4 days i didn’t receive any answer from them, so i send same license directly to AdRev AdRev Claim Clearance page but it is still no any answer :frowning:

I also send this question to envato, but answer time is 10 days…

Any ideas how to fix this? Or everybody waits 10-30 days for any action from AdRev??

Thanks in advance!

AdRev is supposed to release the claim within 96 hours, though they usually do it within a few hours. No answer after four days is not normal. Have you tried contacting the author? Maybe they’ll be able to help you sort this more quickly.

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Ohh wow … 96 hours will expires in next 4-5 hours…

I don’t understand how to find the author information :(( (


The author is @Stockwaves, you could try and contact them through their profile page.

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Thanks - i write to them!