Copyright Claims for Envato Songs still under review after a week?

I have Youtube Copyright claims on 2 videos that I posted using Envato Music as background. I disputed the claims with my license just as EE said to do. My reviews are STILL under review after more than a week. My Videos are not monetized until this is cleared up. I have a big project that I am about to release that uses multiple songs from Envato Elements but I am no longer confident that these copyright claims will be cleared up in a timely manner. Is it worth using Envato Elements if our videos will constantly receive copyright claims that are not cleared for over a week? Both disputes were filed on Dec 30 and are still under review.


A week is too long indeed and is not the norm. What process did you go through? Did you dispute the claim through Youtube or through one of the third parties (AdRev, Identifyy,…)?

When you clear a claim using the form from AdRev (edit: AdRev seem to have removed their form, which is worrying) or Identifyy, it should take at most a couple of days and most times just a few hours.