Copyright claims for the music downloaded from Envato

Hi there,

So I used the licensed music from Envato for my two YouTube videos and I received copyright claims for both videos. One video claim is still under review after more than a week and not sure how long the second one will take.

I understand the videos with copyright claim and dispute can not be monetised which I feel is little annoying. The whole purpose I joined paid membership of Envato so that I can use any music I like for my video without worrying about the copyright claims but it’s a headache to dispute the claim every time and wait for it to be resolved.

Can anyone please advice me what I can do to avoid this hassle?

Thank you

Hi Trish, I believe your copyright claim is related with content id, if that’s so, you should send a private message to the author so he/she can whitelist your video. Also, check out if your .zip includes a .txt with instructions.

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No worries! If you make a dispute quickly, you should not lose any money, even if claim is still displaying. Here’s more about it:


@RedOctopus To the rescue again, following this one. :blush:

Hi, Thank you for your advice. I have already done it and now waiting for the copyright claim to be removed.

Thank you for the info! Copyright claim is removed from one video and still waiting for another one. Let’s see!