Copyright claim on bought music item

Dear sir/madam,

This is Belinda.

Here are the screenshot of our purchase history on envato, and the copyright claim notification from YouTube.

We used the music item we bought as the background music of our video. However, after uploading the video, YouTube sent a copyright claim notification to us. Could you please give a hand to us on the copyright claim? This is an urgent case, please understand.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Hello Belinda,

Music from Audiojungle may be protected by ContentID and thus may generate claims. The license you bought is the key that allows you to easily lift the claim.

You’ll find some info about this here.

However, from the look of the claim you received, it seems the claimant is not the author. This is unusual and may complicate things.

You’ll want to contact the author directly (there should be a message box on their profile page), so they can assist you with clearing the claim… or take the necessary measures if this is an abusive claim.

You may also want to contact Phonofile and ask them to remove the claim as you have a valid license. As Phonofile is not the usual ContendID agent, I cannot tell you what the process would be for doing that, unfortunately.

Hope you will resolve your issue quickly!

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