How long does it take to remove youtube copyright claim?

Hey everyone,

I have envato elements and purchased used this audio (by @MikeStown ) for one of my video: Download LoFi Royalty Free Music Track

It does have the Youtube content id warning that I will be claimed issue with the automation of the youtube copyright. So I followed the instruction from envato, downloaded the license, then dispute it.

It’s been 3 days since my video was uploaded and the owner which is Elite Alliance is still not responding. This is my video: Menakjubkannya Cara Kerja Sistem Imun Manusia - YouTube

How long does it usually take for the author usually to respond?


Hi @robertwt7!

I just wanted to check if your claim was cleared already.

Hope so! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello @WormwoodMusic

It’s not cleared yet. The copyright claim is still there and owner hasn’t responded :confused:

Sorry to hear that! :frowning:

Perhaps you could contact the author and see if he’s able to clear the claim from his side…

Best of luck!

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I think it’s release now, the claim is no more there :slight_smile:

It’s still there and it has been 11 days.

Can you imagine me not being able to monetise the video for 10 days because the owner didn’t reply at all??

Ok I thought it was removed, I don’t see the claim in the video description.

When you say the “owner”, is this the composer or the owner of the video ? I don’t get this specific point (I’m French)

Did you sent an email to the composer ? he’s able to help you in this process.

When customer send me an email about that I answer to the mail in less than 1 hour. It took me 30 sec to whitelist / remove a claim, and process take 24 hours. But I’m with Identifyy

Also one more thing, usually claim are allow you to monetize your video. You just share it with the composer. I don’t get this point either, is this a claim or a strike ?

Also here is a claim on video for exemple. In your, I don’t see the same, it seems you had a strike, and not a claim, and things are totally different in this case. And could take more time!

I’m trying to help and figure it out.

Also in my mind, strike a video is a more manual thing, I mean by that, the author decide to strike. Claim is an automatic process due to third party compagnies. Maybe I’m wrong !


you won’t be able to see. I’m the only one that can see in the youtube studio that says “copyright claim”

It shows like that.

I followed the envato elements instruction to remove it so I opened a dispute with him. As I said since the author is @MikeStown , i did message him today but let’s see. because I have been waiting in youtube for 10 days and he didn’t reply :confused:

Regarding the rest, I’m not sure if you can see it in public. I can see it in the youtube studio as a copyright claim. See the screenshot below:

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I’m sorry but The first thing I notice is that, “You’re not in the Youtube Partner Program”.
So to me the main issue is because of that no ?

Did you reach the 4 000 hours of time watch With your channel ?

But in other hand right under this we can see that the claim block your monetization, and also other thing, there is the line " Monetized in some territories", so maybe the composer / third party company doesn’t allow the monetization with this content in your territory ?

Don’t worry about my stuff again. I got the personal email of the author from envato contact us then I emailed him about it, he cleared it straightaway.

I think disputing from youtube is just pointless, I have to either email the organization that owns the music or the author straightaway


Perfect ! :ok_hand:

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