How much time does it takes to approve my license?

I downloaded this audio with my envato elements subscription -

And used it on my YouTube channel.

But this audio received a Copyright claim on December 6th.
I have started the dispute on this claim with the license on the same day, but there is still no response. YouTube says it is on the copyright owner side.

There is no sense to pay for envato elements subscription if I can not use audio from it.

There is no sense to pay for Envato Elmenets if the copyright claim dispute process takes so long.

Is there any options Envato can confirm my license faster?

And how can I contact Envato Support team directly?

Just follow the link below if you haven’t missed anything, if it’s all good, you just need to wait:

To prevent issues in the future, just upload the item first then add the license when the video is private. When it’s confirmed, change the visibility of the video to public.