Youtube blocks a video because of audio jungle music

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with music bought on Audio Jungle. I bought a Standard License from the creator MartijndeBont / Epic Hollywood Trailer to illustrate one of my videos that I wanted to send on my Youtube channel. This license authorizes the use of this music on Youtube and Vimeo. But Youtube just blocked my video because of this music. I just contested this refusal by communicating my license but YouTube now announces me a delay of 30 days to receive an answer ! Epic Hollywood Trailer-2795 - Martijn de Bont / AdRev for Rights Holder
I don’t understand how it is possible to postpone his video for 30 days when we paid the music rights for Youtube…
Thank you for your reply if you have more informations about it or if you can help me.

Usually videos without provided license are automatically monetized instead of blocking - so that’s little strange.

Normally if you buy an item, you should provide Youtube an AudioJungle license you’d received. It’s normal procedure. After this your track should be cleared from any copyright claims. Read more here:

But it looks like you are in hurry so you should contact MartijndeBont. He is quite active and “online” composer so maybe he can help you faster putting your video on AdRev whitelist. Of course you can always ask Envato support for a help - in such cases they are eager to help.


Quickest way top fix your problem is to visit this page and fill the form. Copy/paste or attach your license. Adrev should lift the claim within a few hours.

Hope it helps

RedOcotpus & PurpleFogSound, Thank you very much for your reply. I contacted the author directly and filled out the PurpleFogSound form. I hope my problem will be resolved quickly.