Unable to monetize in Youtube after use a Christmas song.

I’m sorry. It seems that I didn’t get it. I was done with the video edition… I came to purchase a Xmas song. After everything done and upload to Youtube… show unable to monetize. Is weird to me because I has purchased some sound effects and music for intro in the past and this never happen. Any of you know any other site where I can buy song and able to monetize without problems? Thanks. I’m glad that this happen me now and I’m warned for the next time.

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This is most likely due to the track being registered with ContentID. You can find more info there: https://audiojungle.net/licenses/faq#youtube-copyright-complaint-a

When you buy music at Audiojungle, you are indeed allowed to monetize your video. You may need to use your license to be able to do so. If the claimant is AdRev you can go to this page, provide your video URL and copy the content of your license. The claim should be cleared within a few hours, (although it may take a little longer as it is Christmas).

Hope it helps

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THanks! I disputed and the author accepted to release the rights. Problem SOLVED.

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